Equine Nutrition & Supplements

Complete Condition Supplement

Complete Condition contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, pre and probiotics as well as garlic to help give your horse…

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Performex H

Make sure you refuel your muscles 100% faster with glycogen. Performex H will fuel your muscles and keep you feeling…

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Performex E

Performex E refuels glycogen supplies and provides the energy sources needed for endurance horse athletes. Servings for 4 x 80…

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Magnesium Sulfate

 Magnesium is an important mineral essential for proper functioning of muscles and nerves. An essential supplement during exercise and performance…

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$ 14.50

Re Lyte Sport Caps

What is essential for the horses performance, is also essential for the rider: electrolytes. Re-Lyte Sport Caps. An all natural…

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$ 11.95

Blitz! Paste

Blitz!™ Paste Race Harder, Stronger & Longer The Most Comprehensive Oral Vitamin/Mineral Jug with Herbs for Pain and Discomfort Caused…

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$13.99 / 80cc

Premium MSM

99% Pure MSM Premium MSM from Peak Performance Nutrients uses only the purest MSM. MSM is important in the formation…

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$18.9 / 2 lb. - $42.99 / 5 lb.

Creatine Power EE

Explosive Energy & Muscle Support Pure Creatine Power  EE (Ethyl-Ester) is similar to Creatine Monohydrate except that it has an…

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$136.99 / 5 lb.

Omni-Cetyl H.A.

The Strongest CMO Based Product for Joint Support Omni-Cetyl H.A. is the most concentrated sugar and filler free joint supplement…

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$92.99 / 1.85 lb.

Daily Gold

For: Digestive Balance, Stomach Ulcers, Hives, Hydration Daily Gold™ is a unique, natural blend of healing clay and sea salt…

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$18.99 / 5 lb.

Daily Red Sea Salt

Granular Sea Salt Supplement Redmond Daily Red is a granular form of our Redmond Rock designed for horses that prefer…

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$16.99 / 5 lb.

Redmond Rock Salt Lick

   Without a complement of the essential minerals found in Redmond Equine products, your horse’s diet is incomplete. Redmond Equine products…

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$9.50/3-4lb - $14.99/7-10lb

Mega Power Pak Paste

Herbal Pre-Event Power Support for Energy, Endurance, Breathing & Blood Oxygen Levels Powerful pre-event Mega Power Pak® Paste is jam…

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$19.99 / 110cc

Vit. E Concentrate

Vitamin E Concentrate contains only pure vitamin E, nothing else. When your veterinarian recommends that you feed additional amounts of…

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$69.95 per 1lb

Vit. E, Selenium & Zinc

Highly Concentrated Vitamin E and Antioxidant Formula Sugar Free Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc™ is a comprehensive antioxidant support formula…

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$57.99/1lb - $219/4lb

Ulsus Digestive Support

Triple Action Formula for Digestive Health Up to 92% of all performance horses may show signs of stomach erosions. In…

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$59 per 3lb

Branched Chain Aminos

B.C.A.A. Complex™ Endurance, Strength & Recovery Supports muscle growth May help horse maintain his top speed longer Supports recovery and…

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$77.50 - 1.5 lbs Jar

Perfect Balance Electrolite

Perfect Balance Electrolite™ Rehydrate for Optimum Performance Sugar and Filler Free Electrolyte balanced to match the proportion of electrolytes lost…

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$13.95/Tube - $35.00/2.5lb Jar