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Daily Gold

For: Digestive Balance, Stomach Ulcers, Hives, Hydration

Daily Gold™ is a unique, natural blend of healing clay and sea salt that encourages healthy digestion, treats stomach ulcers and hives, helps maintains hydration, and binds toxins.

4.5 lbs


Does Your Horse Have Ulcers?

There’s a good chance your horse has ulcers. Why? Because most horses do! The major cause of ulcers are related to feed and stress. Ulcers are the result of excess acid accumulated in the gut. In nature, horses are trickle feeders. They eat all day from pasture and secrete stomach acid continually. It has been shown that different grasses have different acid-neutralizing capacities. However, in a paddock, horses are fed two to three times daily with long periods in between each feeding, during which time they continue to secrete stomach acid. Even with good feed, without constant access to pasture, excess stomach acid can build up in the horse’s gut, leading to ulcer formation. Daily Gold™ is an all natural supplement that improves digestion and neutralizes acid levels in your horse’s stomach. Common indicators that your horse might have an ulcer may include a change in attitude, decreased energy, poor appetite, colic, decreased performance, or weight loss.

About Horse Digestion

  • Neutralizing excess stomach acid can be done with Daily Gold, an all natural buffer to balance stomach acid.
  • Horses continually produce acid. Without food to absorb the acid, ulcers can form.
  • The stomach pH is acidic (to start breaking down foods), the cecum should be neutral, and the colon slightly basic.
  • Horse digestion relies heavily on microbial and enzymatic digestion.
  • Changing the pH of the cecum, where much of the microbial digestion ocurrs, changes the profile of microbes present and the function of the enzymes.
  • Hormones and overall process of conversion of food to energy are thrown out of balance. Maintaining gut flora balance is critical to health. Balanced flora requires pH acid balance.

Daily Gold for Toxin Binding

A study conducted by Brigham Young University concluded that Daily Gold was able to bind over 99% of Aflatoxin B1 that is commonly found in horse feed. Even good quality hay and grain can contain toxins that can negatively impact your horse’s health. Mycotoxins found in feed have contributed to a number of health problems including colic, ulcers, and neurological disorders. At Redmond we are passionate about making sure your horse looks and feels his best, and Daily Gold is a proven, natural way to achieve that goal.

The Daily Gold Difference

Daily Gold™ brand natural equine minerals is a unique makeup of bentonite healing clay and minerals that work together to encourage healthy digestion. By bringing your horse’s stomach pH levels to a healthy balance, Daily Gold can help pacify your horse and reduce conditions that lead to gastric ulcers. Most horses are deficient in minerals. Daily Gold plays an important role in providing more than 60 natural trace minerals that are essential for health. After more than 40 years of providing natural bentonite and mineral sea salt to ranchers for their animals, we have seen many common health benefits, including improved digestion, increased energy, healthier hooves, better hydration, greater endurance, and improved overall vitality. Horses thrive on the minerals Daily Gold provides.

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