Specialized Saddles

Specialized Saddles

Because there are so many options for the Specialized saddles, we prefer to take orders for these saddles over the phone, to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. Please contact us at 435-260 1494 to order your saddle.

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Each saddle is built custom to your order, although we try to keep some popular sizes and colors in stock for those people in a rush. All models come with our adjustable fit system that lets you precisely fit your horse. Our patented system is the only one that allows you to independently adjust all three dimensions of saddle fit, width, arch and angle. Most other adjustable fit systems let you modify width only, or have flexible panels that change angle only. But a horses' back is three dimensional and all three dimensions must be considered to achieve perfect fit.

In addition we have adjustments to fit you, the rider. All of our saddles have three different positions for suspending your stirrup leathers or fenders. Your leg position can be changed between forward, balanced, or centered, by moving a single screw. Different types of riding styles call for different leg positions to achieve comfort, balance, and optimum performance.