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Equilyte Paste

Equilyte Paste, for the go, during competition, fits very nicely into a saddlebag. Easy to open and to apply. Contains all the essential electrolytes in an easy to administer tube. These electrolytes are chelated, they are being absorbed immediately and available for the equine body when they are needed the most. Use them now and use them often, your horse will thank you for it with increased happiness and performance. 


Equilytes® Paste was originally formulated for race horses for rapid electrolyte replacement, so our patented blend absorbs immediately. All other brands take over eight hours to be absorbed by the gut. This also allows electrolyte absorption even during the athletic event, giving you that competitive edge when you need it! Studies have shown the use of Equilytes® effectively delays fatigue and prevents symptoms of muscle cramps. In a similar manner, a dose of Equilytes® before loading into trucks or trailers greatly assists the horse’s condition upon arrival at his event. For ordering this product, please email at info@globalendurance.com or call at 435 2601494