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Year 2010 Summary

The riding season came to an end with the Desert Gold ride end of November. This ride was held in the vicinity of Monterey at the California coast. Christoph and Dian drove over 1000 miles one way to wrap up this season.

2010 was a remarkable season for GETC. New records were broken by our staff and we are very proud of our horses and all the riders who were riding them this year.

Yes, GETC horses TC Mounshine and Stars Aflame were not chosen to represent the USA at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. However, both horses are competitive with the best in the field and have proven themselves in many ways anyhow. Last year, at the Kentucky Cup and NAC, Stars Aflame was best USA horse in the Kentucky Cup and TC Mounshine won the Team Bronze medal at the NAC.

Here are the numbers for GETC horses for 2010:

Total endurance completion miles were 5510, a new record.
GETC horses received a total of 21 BCs this season.

Christoph had 50 starts and 50 completions. Out of these 50 completions, 34 were first place finishes. 2780 completion miles, all new one season records. Horses ridden by Christoph received 10 BCs. All new one season records.

On a national level, Stars Aflame won the coveted War Mare Award. We are very proud of her. She is a wonderful mare.

Christoph also set a new world record this year, by crossing the threshold of 200 endurance wins. No other rider in the world has that many wins. The 200th win was achieved on Stars Aflame.

For the Regional Championship, Christoph ended up in 1st place in the Mountain Region on Double Zell. He also took 2nd place on Stars Aflame, Middle Weight Division and overall. He also placed 4th on DWA Powerball, 6th overall. Double Zell won the Mountain Region BC award with 4 BCs.

Dian had also a great season, 31 completion, a new personal record. She completed 1605 miles and horses ridden by her received 7 BCs.
Dian finished in 3th place in the Mountain Region Championship in her division. She also won the MRER Heavyweight Championship, both on Halyva Night.
This is even more remarkable, as this is Dians most successful year and it occurred after her recovery from cancer. GETC is very proud of Dian’s accomplishments.

All these new records were broken with the help of the new boots of EasyCare. All horses were ridden exclusively with Gloves or Glue ons. These boots are truly remarkable and GETC contributes a lot of their success to the use of these new boots. Easy to apply, these boots truly revolutionized the Hoofcare protection market. A big Thanks goes out to EasyCare and Garrett Ford, who like no other person in this country, cares about the hooves of our best friends, our horses.

A great record breaking season comes to an end and we are very proud of the accomplishments of our horses. Thanks to all our friends, clients and riders of GETC horses.

Happy Holidays and a successful New Year to all of you.


Antelope Island 50


April 17th:
First Place: Christoph on DWA Powerball
Second Place: Dian on Starlit Way
Third Place: Debbie Whorf on DWA Millennium

BC:  Starlit Way

April 18:
First Place: Christoph on Stars Aflame
Second Place: Dian on Starlit Way
Third Place: Debbie Whorf on Trinity

Git R Done 75

April 10th:
7th Place: Dian on Halyva Night
10th Place: Christoph on Husky  (Taj Rai Hasan)

Husky achieved his CEI** now.

Old Pueblo Pioneer 50

March 5th:
First Place: Christoph on DWA Powerball   (BC)

March 6th:
First Place: Christoph on Menlara

March 7th:
First Place: Christoph on DWA Powerball  (BC)

February 2010

Sun City FEI

David Kaden organized this ride to help FEI riders get more horses through the Stars program to qualify in time for the Kentucky WEC in October this year. The event was well managed and staffed with great vets.

Feb 27th:
50 mile event:

1st Place:  Halyva Night and Dian
3rd Place:  Taj Rai Hasan and Christoph

Feb 28th:
75 mile event:

2nd Place Tie: Stars Aflame and Christoph with TC Mounshine and Dian

Eastern Mojave

February 12, 13,14,15
Results for the 50 mile event

Day 1
2nd Place:   Greater Glide and Christoph

Day 2
1st Place:   DWA Powerball and Dian
2nd Place:  Taj Rai Hasan and Christoph

Day 3:
1st Place:   Taj Rai Hasan and Dian   (BC)
2nd Place:  Greater Glide and Christoph

Day 4:
1st Place Tie: DWA Powerball and Christoph with Halyva Night and Dian


GETC’s 2009 Year End results were accomplished with the help of EASYCARE, INC & SPECIALIZED SADDLES. EasyCare has developed an awesome line of HOOF BOOTS: The EasyBoot GLUE-ON & the EasyBoot GLOVE. Specialized Saddles has a great line of saddles, Eurolight, Trailmaster, International Model and Tracy Webb Signature Saddle, Western Saddle line & the English Saddle Line:  A huge THANKS to Garrett Ford & the great staff at EasyCare, Inc, & A Huge THANK YOU to Specialized Saddles, David Kaden, Tracy Kaden & Blake Potter!!  These 2 wonderful companies helped GETC accomplish the best year ever!!!

Halyva Night carried Dian to the AERC National Heavyweight Champion wearing 4 GLUE-ON EasyBoots & in a Specialized Trailmaster.

2,570 Miles
34 1st Place
9 Best Conditions
46 Top Ten

1,065 Miles
6  1st Place
2 Best Conditions
19 Top Ten

Other GETC riders
1,645 Miles
26 Top Ten

Total 2009 Miles: 5,280
1st Place: 40
BC’s: 11
Top Ten: 91

THANK YOU!!, Garrett, EasyCare, Inc staff & Specialized Saddles, David, Tracy Kaden & Blake Potter!

GIT-R-DONE FEI 100 & 50 MILE RACE 2010
Thank you to the ride manager and volunteers for putting on this FEI special race to for riders to meet the new  qualifications for 2010 WEG held in Kentucky in September.

FEI 100 & AERC 100 MILE




5TH Place: Halyva Night & Dian


This year at Las Cienegas we were able to ride the newly opened Arizona Trail single track trail that has absolutely beautiful views. The trail was easy to follow and marked very well. Thank You Marilyn & all the volunteers that help make the ride.



1st Place: Greater Glide & Christoph
2nd Place: DWA Powerball & Miriam Rezine
4th Place: DWA Express & Dian

3rd Place: Just Magnum (former GETC Horse) & Tennessee Mahoney
4th Place: DWA Sabku +/ (former GETC Horse) & David Shefrin.


3rd Place: Greater Glide & Christoph
5th Place: Taj Rai Hasan & Dian



2nd Place: DWA Powerball & Miriam Rezine
3rd Place: Taj Rai Hasan & Christoph

1st Place: Just Magnum (former GETC horse) & Tennessee Mahoney


Towards the end of the AERC ride season, Dian and Christoph went south for a few more rides in New Mexico and Arizona.

Nov 21st, Valley of the Sun, Phoenix

1st Place and BC:  Stars Aflame and Christoph

Nov 22nd, Valley of the Sun, Phoenix

1st Place:  Double Zell and Christoph

Christoph entered three days of the Rio Grande Pioneer ride, Dian entered one day. The results:

Nov 13th, 55 mile:
1st Place: Double Zell and Christoph

Nov 13th, 35 mile:
4th Place: Dian and Salty

Nov 14th, 55 mile:
1st Place and BC: Stars Aflame and Christoph.

Nov 15th, 55 mile:
3rd Place and BC: Double Zell and Christoph.

For the ride year 2009, GETC horses completed a total of 5280 miles with 9 different riders. Global Endurance horses achieved 11 BCs, 40 wins and 97 Top Ten placing. Dian completed 1065 miles, Christoph 2570. This was the best year for GETC so far. Just about all rides were ridden with Easyboot Glue ons and Easyboot Gloves. These boots really made the difference and were a huge success. Thanks to EASYCARE and Garrett Ford and his advice and support, GETC had a banner year.

We wishing all our friends and clients a great new ride season in 2010, filled with fun, laughter, success and many completions.

Happy New Year!

October 2009

Moab Canyon 3-Day Ride

After returning from Kentucky, GETC prepared for the Moab Canyon 3 day ride. Weather turned very cold and snowy just before the start. This was the earliest snow fall ever in Moab!

GETC had 12 horses at the ride site. Long time client Carol Federighi came from Washington with boyfriend Brian Coss. Both entered for two days. Miriam Rezine, working for GETC during the last few weeks, entered all 3 days. So did Dian and Christoph. Bill Hobbs rode GETC horses for 2 days. In spite of the cold weather, over 100 riders started on each day. Here are the results:

Day One, Oct 29th:

First Place:     DWA Powerball and Christoph
Second Place: DWA Express and Miriam Rezine
Third Place:    Miss Kris and Carol Federighi
Fourth Place:  Salty and Dian
Eighth Place:  Castlecountry Karahty and Brian Coss
Tenth Place:   Taj Rai Hasan and Bill Hobbs

Day Two, Oct 30th:

First Place:     Double Zell and Christoph
Second Place: Halyva Night and Dian
Third Place:    DWA Express and Miriam
18th Place:      Double Deux and Carol Federighi

Day Three, Oct 31st:

First Place:      Stars Aflame and Christoph
Third Place:     Menlara and Bill Hobbs
Fourth Place:   Trinity and Miriam
Eights Place:    Salty and Dian

As always, the trails were superbly marked, thanks to Paul Ishikawa, who has been supporting Ride Manager Sheri Griffith during the last three years. Thanks to both of them for all the hard work and a fun and successful ride.
Christoph Schork recaps the Kentucky North American Championship

October 14th was the day for the biggest endurance event in North America the North American Endurance Championship. Serving at the same time as the pre ride for the 2010 World Equestrian Games and World Championship, this was a prestigious and important race. Riders needed to qualify to enter and needed an invitation to attend. The USA was represented by 5 Teams of 6 riders each, one team for each time zone, with the exception of the Pacific time zone, which was allowed two teams. Christoph Schork, who co-owns the Global Endurance Training Center with Dian Woodward, was invited to represent the Mountain Zone. Riders from 23 countries all over the world were also invited to enter either the 100 mile Championship race or the 75 mile Kentucky Cup race. Riders from North America were not allowed to enter the Kentucky Cup race.

On October 7th, Christoph left sunny Moab Utah with 5 horses to start his 1600 mile drive to Kentucky.  Upon entering Missouri the torrential rain forced a full day layover in Warrenton. Within a 36 hour period, Missouri received between 8 and 10 inches of rain, countless roads being flooded and closed as a result. Once the rain eased a little, we continued the journey. It is important to arrive early after a long trailer haul, to give the horses several days to recover from the travelling stress. This gave Christoph ample time to equip his horses with Easyboot Glue-On boots, that were studded, especially manufactured by EasyCare, Inc, for conditions like we would encounter in Kentucky: Lots of wet grass with mud everywhere.

Close-up view of the studs

The boots were glued on with Vettec Adhere at the hoof wall and Goober Glue for the sole of the hoof. Because of the wet conditions, Christoph was applying the boots in a dry barn, taking especially good care of drying the hoof walls thoroughly with a heat gun.

Easyboots in place before the mud

The morning of the race, the rain pelted the riders relentlessly. 40 degrees temps and rain without end. The trails were flooded and mudded over in no time. Christoph started the 100 mile race on TC Mounshine, a horse already now qualified for the WEC next year. Other GETC horses entered were:

• DWA Express, ridden by Nikolay Melbard from Russia
• Stars Aflame, ridden by Leo Steinbruch from Brasil
• DWA Millennium, leased to a rider from Japan. She did not start because of the conditions.
• Salty did also not start, because the rider from France was a no show.

The rain intensified and the conditions were so bad, that Ride Management decided to shorten the course for the well being of the horse from 100 mile to 75 mile. A very smart decision.

Heading out on another muddy loop

In the end, Christoph ended up in 10th place for the Championship race, 9th among the North American riders. The Mountain Zone Team won the Bronze Medal, Third Place in the Team Championship. Among the Mountain Zone Team riders was Doug Swingley from Montana, also riding his horse with Easyboot Glue-on studded boots. Stars Aflame ended up in 8th place in the Kentucky Cup race, first American horse. The horses ahead of her were flown in from the UAE. She also wore studded Glue-ons. Another Top Ten rider with Glue ons was also Farzad Faryadi, riding for the East Zone.

Miriam Rezine in the Kentucky mud

The studded Easyboot Glue-Ons really made a difference. Where other riders were slipping, the studs gave the necessary traction for the horses. What an excellent idea to add the studs to the glue ons. We also had some Gloves equipped with studs and carried them on our saddles, in case we would loose a boot. We thought that the relentless rain might loosen a boot. We did not need to worry. The boots held extremely well, we did not loose any boots. The Vettec Adhere really works well to keep these boots on the hooves, no matter what the ambient conditions. As long as we follow the recommended glue on procedure, the boots stay on.

Only 6 horses of all the starters had their hooves equipped with EasyCare Glue-On boots, and 4 ended up in Top Ten position. In a race with a completion rate of only 40% and 50 % respectively and a really tough competition and very difficult footing conditions, that is an incredible result for the glue ons. The glue on boots again provided results that speak for themselves.

Christoph and TC Mounshine on the way to a 10th place finish

September 2009

Fall training ride, LaSal Mountains, Moab

September was a busy month for GETC horses and riders. Dian and Christoph went to Bryce Canyon to the Paunsagaunt XP, Randy Coleman Memorial 5 Day Pioneer, then directly to the National Championship in Greenville, Ca and upon return two days later to the Virgin Rim ride in Utah. All in all, they entered 16 different rides and logged 900 AERC completion miles within a time frame of 18 days. Results below.

Bryce Canyon, 5 Day Pioneer, 50 mile each day

September 3rd:

First Place Tie: Double Zell & Christoph,
GE Cyclone and Garrett Ford
Third Place: DWA Powerball and Dian
Fourth Place: DWA Millennium and Bill Hobbs

BC: GE Cyclone

September 4th:

First Place Tie: DWA Express & Christoph
Halyva Night and Dian

September 5th:

First Place Tie: Stars Aflame & Christoph
GE Cyclone and Garrett Ford

BC: GE Cyclone

September 6th:

First Place Tie:  DWA Express & Christoph
TC Mounshine & Dian

BC: TC Mounshine

September 7th:

First Place Tie: DWA Powerball & Christoph
Halyva Night & Dian

National Championship, Greenville, California

2009 National Championship Greenville, CA Christoph, 3rd Middleweight, 50 miles

2009 National Championship Greenville, CA Dian, 1st Heavyweight, 50 miles

Dian and Christoph went from Bryce Canyon to California for the Nationals. They entered the 100 mile ride, followed by the 50 two days later. Christoph conducted a Hoof Care clinic on the day between the rides. He covered hoof care principles, trimming and new hoof protection on the market. He showed how to apply Easyboot Glue-on shoes  and how to protect horses hooves with VETTEC products. Larken Green from VETTEC worked together with Christoph to provide a learning experience to the participants. Together they gave away drawing prizes to all the attendees. The clinic was sponsored by:

Global Endurance Training Center
EasyCare, Inc
Equiflex USA

The Nationals turned out to be a first class event. Kassandra DiMaggio and her crew did an outstanding job. Many thanks to her. Dave Rabe marked the entire trail. One might say, that this was the best marked trail any rider can find! Thanks to Dave for his trail marking.

The Results for GETC horses:

September 11th, 100 mile Championship ride:

18th Place: Salty & Dian
20th Place: Double Zell and Christoph

September 13th, 50 Mile Championship ride:

8th Place: Stars Aflame & Christoph, 3rd Middleweight
11th Place: Halyva Night & Dian, 1st Heavyweight.

Dian is now the US National Heavyweight 50 Mile Champion. What a great accomplishment for Dian. Many congratulations! After all her health problems over the last two years, she made a remarkable comeback. GETC is proud of Dian.

After the Nationals, Dian and Christoph went to the Virgin Rim ride in Utah. The results:

September 19th: 50 mile:

First Place Tie: Stars Aflame & Christoph
TC Mounshine & Dian

BC: GE Cyclone

September 20th:

First Place Tie: DWA Powerball & Christoph
GE Cyclone & Garrett Ford
Tahoe & Kevin Waters  (Also won BC)

Kevin Waters, a good friend of GETC, completed his 20.000 AERC endurance miles. Congratulations to Kevin!

A big thanks also to Johanna, his partner, who always helps GETC horses and riders with great crewing. We all really appreciate you, Johanna.

All these results were achieved by using Easyboot Glue-ons and Easyboot Gloves.
These boots have been the success story of the year. Ride after ride, these boots can be seen on the top ten finishing horses, most of the time on the first place finishing horses. More and more riders learn about these boots and using them. I have counted up to 70% of riders at some rides using the new Easyboots. Now that’s called success!
Visit the website and blogs of  EasyCare and learn more about these remarkable boots.


August 2009

August 15th, Horse and Rider I, 55 miler

First Place Tie: DWA Powerball & Christoph
Magnum &Tennessee Mahoney

August 16th Horse and Rider II

First Place: Stars Aflame and Christoph

BC: Stars Aflame

July 2009

Christoph and Dian came back from their Mongolian adventure in the middle of the month. From Grand Junction, Co, we flew to LA, then to Beijing and on the Ulan Bator in Mongolia, where we connected with the rest of our group, Valerie Kanavy, Marie Dittman from Switzerland, Jason Lewis, who flew in from France, Don Macintosh and Tad and Heidi Heinz from Colorado. After a day of sightseeing in UB, as Ulan Bator is known to the travelers, the group flew to Khovd in the southern Altai region in western Mongolia. After a long 2 day jeep ride we finally arrived deep in the heart of the Altai, near the Tavan Bogd National Park to meet our horses for the start of the riding adventure.

The group rode through some of the wildest and most astonishing terrain in Central Asia. As far away from western civilization as one might get, we rode everyday between 20 and 35 miles over high mountain passes and gorgeous valleys,inhabited only by very few Kazak and Mongol herders. The lakes in the Altai are numerous and just outright beautiful. The mountains and glaciers just stunning.

We were able to attend the local Nadaam Festival, which features horse racing, archery and wrestling, climbed various peaks on the way, rode the legendary Mongolian horses, witnessed Mongolian horseshoeing, met eagle hunters and rode Mongolian camels. To top it off, we were able to celebrate Val’s birthday in the steppe. It was an unforgettable trip!

Once we returned from Mongolia, it was time to prepare for the Tevis. GETC took 7 horses to Tevis, planning to start 5. Our crew included many friends and staff from Easycare. Thank you all for your efforts to help make Tevis 2009 a success for us.
The results ( 4 horses out of 5 starters finished):

6th Place Tennessee Mahoney on Salty
22nd Place Anton Reid  on DWA Millennium
31st Place Duncan McLaughlin on GE Lady
33rd Place Dave Rabe on Double Zell

Unfortunately GE Spartan got pulled for overtime.

Tennessee and Salty, 6th place Tevis finish

Tennessee showing boot wear after the 100 miles of rough trail. Looks like the boots could do several more 100 mile events.

June 2009

June was again very busy month at GETC. GETC attended the Fort Shellbourne 5-Day Ride in Ely, NV and the Strawberry Fields 3 Day Pioneer located across the Strawberry Reservoir behind Park City, UT.

At the Strawberry Fields Forever Ride, managed by Howard Kent in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains near Strawberry Reservoir, GETC horses attended 2 days of the 3 day event. The rainy weather during the last 4 weeks created very challenging conditions.

Strawberry Fields Forever 3 Day Pioneer

June 19th: 55 mile

3rd Place: DWA Powerball and Christoph
4th Place: DWA Millennium and Tennessee
5th Place: Salty and Dian

June 20th: 50

1st Place Tie: Double Zell and Christoph
1st Place Tie: GE Cyclone and Garrett Ford
6th Place: Salty and Dian
7th Place: GE Spartan and Debbie Whorf

GE Cyclone, ridden two days by Garrett Ford, was previously owned and trained by GETC. Dian had competed on him and trained him a lot before Garrett acquired him. He won both days BC and has 5 BCs for the year. Congratulations, Garrett. (See his testimonial in our testimonial page)

The week before, Dian and Christoph attended the Schellbourne XP ride close to Ely, Nevada.

Schellbourne 5 Day XP Results:

June 1st: 50 Miles
1st Place Tie: DWA Powerball and Dian with Double Zell and Christoph

June 2nd: 50 Miles
2nd Place: Castlecountry Karahty and Christoph

June 3rd: 50 Miles
1st Place: Double Zell and Christoph
3rd Place: DWA Powerball and Dian

June 4th: 50 Miles
1st Place: Double Zell and Christoph

June 5th:
2nd Place: Castlecountry Karahty and Christoph

May 2009


GETC just back from Owyhee Fandango International Ride in Oreana, Idaho. This ride consisted of a 3-day pioneer, a 50 mile FEI, a 75 mile FEI ride and 100 mile FEI. Thank you Steph & John Teeter for doing such a wonderful job managing this multi-endurance ride event! As always, the trail marking at Oreana was superb!

Clive Pollitt came from Scotland to serve as a member of the FEI Ground Jury for the three days. Dian was the crew chief for the 100 miler and the  75 miler FEI events, supported by Mike Langersmith and Larry Cooper.  Thank you all for a great job done!
A big “THANK YOU” goes out also to Sean Mahoney and the parents of Tennessee Lane, Nelson and Neece Lane,  for supporting GETC riders and horses.

On May 22nd, Christoph and Dian were conducting a Hoof care clinic at the venue at Oreana. Supporting sponsors were:

Lots of raffle prices were given away to the numerous attendees. Every participant received at least one price. In the evening, VETTEC sponsored a wine and cheese party at the venue.
Thanks to all the sponsors for making this a successful clinic.

The results for the following 3 days:

May 25:  Fandango III 75 FEI

First Place and BC : DWA Express & Christoph

May 24:  Fandango International FEI 100

7th Place AERC: TC Mounshine & Christoph
5th Place FEI: TC Mounshine  (COC time)

Fandango II 50:

3rd Place: GE Sparten (Mumluk) and Larry Cooper


15th Place: Salty and Dian
16th Place:  DWA Millennium and Deborah Whorf
17th Place:  Trinity and Larry Cooper


May 16: Hell’s Kitchen 50


1st Place: Double Zell & Christoph Schork
3rd Place: Salty and Dian
4th Place: GE Sparten (Mumluk) and Deborah Whorf



1st Place: DWA Powerball and Christoph
2nd Place: DWA Millennium and Tennessee Mahoney
3rd Place: Trinity and Deborah Whorf


1st  Place: Double Zell and Christoph
20th Place: GE Sparten and Jennifer


1st Place: DWA Powerball and Christoph
2nd Place: DWA Millennium and Deborah Whorf
3rd Place: Salty and Dian

APRIL 2009

Mongolia Ride in 2009

End of June, Christoph and Dian are travelling with riders from the USA and Europe to Western Mongolia for a 10 day horseback trip. We still have 2 spots available. If any of you riders and friends are interested in joining us, please contact us as soon as possible.

And now to last month News:

The most important first: A week ago, GETC celebrated the arrival of a new colt out of Pico Stardust and DWA Express.

Dian was witnessing the birth at 4 am in the morning. Mom and baby are all healthy and well off. Thank You, Dian, for your never ending love and care for the young horses!

Christoph went to Antelope Island ride last week. Here are the results:


April 19: Antelope Island II


1st Place: Stars Aflame and Christoph

April 18: Antelope Island I

1st Place: DWA Express and Christoph

2nd Place: DWA Powerball and Marcy Till

The week before, GETC riders went to Color Country Ride in Hurricane, Utah.

Color Country 3 day Pioneer Ride:

April 12: Color Country 50

2nd Place: Double Zell and Christoph and DWA Powerball and Emily Bradly (Tie)

Christoph sponsored Junior Emily Bradly for this ride. Emily is an excellent rider and the duo had a great day.

April 11: Color Country 50

1ST Place: DWA Powerball and Christoph

April 10: Color Country 55

3rd Place: DWA Express and Christoph

During the last few months, all GETC horses have been using the new EASYBOOT GLUE-ONS from EASYCARE. These boots have been working out great. They are lightweight, easy to put on, and protect the whole hoof. EASYCARE came out with another winning product. In fact, GETC is so impressed with these new boots, that Christoph and Dian have been promoting them actively and helping riders get booted up at all the different ride sites. We are also introducing them to our clients at our facility in Moab. Check out these new boots under our Product page. You may also visit for more info.

Looking ahead:

May 22nd, from 9am till 11am, Christoph will be teaching a hoof care clinic during the FANDANGO RIDE in Oreana Idaho. Topics covered are: Hoof care and application of new hoof protection products. The Sponsors of this clinic are:

Global Endurance Center
Equiflex USA

All 4 sponsors have donated lots of prices for the clinic attendees. Just for participating. We will give away logbooks, Equiflex shoes, Easy Boots, Vettec products and much more. Additionally, refreshments will be served.
So come and join us! This is going to be a very informative clinic. Don’t miss out.

Happy Riding!

Product Endorsement and Sponsorship
of FOCUS by Performance Equine

For several years we have been dealing with two of our horses that are very excitable, anxious and nervous. They were trying to jump out of their skins during endurance competitions. They were wasting lots of energy bucking and twisting instead of focusing on the task. These horses could never perform to their true potential. We tried different products, but didn’t get satisfactory results. Last year, we received a call from Carla from Performance Equine, who convinced us to try their product FOCUS. We were skeptical at first, knowing that we had tried a lot of products in the past and none of them worked that well. But, to our delight, FOCUS really did the job!. Both of our high strung horses, The Noble One and our stallion DWA Express calmed down and started to focus on their job without wasting precious energy. The results were astonishing. DWA Express finished 1st at the Big Horn 100, one of the toughest races in the country, possibly the world.

We truly believe in FOCUS and will be using it in the future. The product is totally unique and only contains legal substances. Our Thanks to Carla and Performance Equine for sponsoring our horses at the Global Endurance Training Center. We will recommend it to all our clients and riders.

March 2009

Old Pueblo 3 Day Pioneer March 6/7/8

On this ride, GETC horses were fitted with Easyboot Glue-Ons again. Christoph and Garrett conducted a 2 hour clinic the day before and fitted other riders with the new boots.

The results for GETC horses:

Day One:

2nd Place and BC:  Stars Aflame with Christoph
8th Place:              Salty with Dian

Day Two:
1st Place:              Double Zell with Christoph

Day Three:
1st Place:              Stars Aflame with Christoph
7th Place:              DWA Powerball with Amy Ford
8th Place:              Salty with Dian

Thanks to Marilyn McCoy for putting on a great ride with excellent trail marking!

January/February 2009

Eastern Mojave, Feb 14/15/16

Another Success story for the new Easyboot Glue-ons. Dian and Christoph  faced wintry driving conditions to attend the Eastern Mojave Pioneer Endurance ride 60 miles south of Las Vegas. Base camp was at 3800 ft, winter conditions prevailed for 3 days, driving rain, wind, snowstorms and very cold temperatures made this a true test for the Glue-ons. Furthermore, the trails were rocky and sandy,  tough conditions for any hoof protection. Our Team arrived with 4 horses, all freshly equipped with the Easyboot Glue-ons on all hooves. We like to use Vettec products to glue the shoes on: Sole-Guard for the inner circumference of the boot, and Equipak or Equipak CS for the sole of the hoof.
The boots stood up for the test. Not one boot came loose or showed any kind of weakness. They handled the rocks, sand and many miles of snow covered trails with great ease and good traction all around. Neither the cold nor the rain and snow could affect the performance of these new boots.  But let the results speak for themselves: All three days were won by one of our horses equipped with the Glue-ons:

Day one:   1st place: DWA Express and Christoph
Day two:   1st Place: Stars Aflame and Christoph, 3rd Place: Salty and Dian
Day three: 1st Place: Hanna CW and Christoph

After each day, lots of riders had questions about the new boots. We helped glue some boots on for other riders, who then did really well the following day.
We have been in the hoof care business for many years and tried and tested just about all the shoes and boots out there. We found the new Glue-ons to be the easiest to apply. They perform extremely well over the most rugged terrain and a wide variety of conditions. And they last. In one of our previous tests, we left the boots on for a full 6 weeks. They were still solidly attached to the hoof wall. And, best of all, with the Vettec CS Equipak, not even a hint of any kind of thrush or bacterial growth. Now that’s amazing.
For any questions any of you might have, feel free to contact EasyCare or Global Endurance. We’ll take the time to share our experience with you and help you to select the right product combination for your horse.
The new boots together with the Vettec products are available for purchase under our Products page.


End of November, Dian and Christoph went south to Arizona to start the new season. They stayed with their good friends Lisa and Garrett Ford, the owner of Easycare, Inc. and GE Cyclone (the horse). Garrett and Christoph have competed together in Ride &Tie events and many endurance rides over the years. They tested the new Easyboot Glue-ons on various horses and took them through some vigorous and lengthy workouts, over variable terrain, rocks and sand. The detailed test results can be viewed at Garret’s Blog.


GETC horses, with the exception of Double Zell, were fitted with the new Easyboot Glue-Ons and all did exceptionally well.

Dian had a challenging year, but her great spirits and determination allowed her to enter the 25 mile event on TC Mounshine.


December 5th: LAS CIENEGA

25 Mile:

1st Place: TC Mounshine & Dian

50 mile:
1st Place: Double Zell & Christoph
5TH Place: DWA Powerball and Lisa Ford

December 6th: LAS CIENEGA

65 mile:

1ST Place: Stars Aflame & Christoph
2ND Place: GE Cyclone & Garrett Ford

GE Cyclone is a former GETC horse, now owned and campaigned by Garrett Ford.

December 7th: LAS CIENEGA

50 mile:

3rd Place: TC Mounshine & Christoph


The Moab Canyons Pioneer: managed by Sheri Griffith, did an outstanding job managing the ride. Paul Ishikawa was in charge of marking the trails. In all our riding over the last 20 years, his trail marking skills and map designs were the Best we have ever encountered. Thank You, Paul and Sheri, and all the volunteers, without them the event couldn’t have taken place. In its second year, The Moab Canyons Pioneer was a huge success, with over 120 riders attending and entering each day. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect here in the Moab desert.

October 29th: Moab Canyons Pioneer

50 mile:
1st Place: Double Zell & Christoph

October 30th: Moab Canyons Pioneer

55 mile:
1st Place: Hanna CW & Christoph

November 1st: Moab Canyons Pioneer

50 mile:

1ST Place: Double Zell & Christoph

For the season of 2008: Double Zell final standing in the Mt. Region for 2008: 1st Place Middleweight.

Double Zell has 14 wins in a row, along with 4 BEST CONDITION’S for the 2008 season, 14 starts 14 completions.


Desert Classic, 100 FEI

September 6th, Las Cruces, NM

1st Place: TC Mounshine with Christoph


Dian and Christoph went back to Australia for another Quilty. This year it was held in Nanango in Queesland. Unfortunately Christoph couldn’t complete this years event. Our thanks go out to Jane and Davo Davidson who provided a very good horse, it just wasn’t his day.
Several USA riders went this year to the Quilty and it looks like we have even more next year. If anybody is interested to go and ride in Australia next year, please feel free to contact us.

In  August and September, several Tibetan monks from the Gaden Shartse Monastary came to visit GETC facility in Moab and extended their blessings to all the visitors, employees, and riders, as well as all the horses. It was a event we all will remember for a long time and our gratitude goes out to the monks who shared their time and prayers with us. The monks are on a USA tour to raise funds for a new hospital in India. That’s were they have been living in exile. More info can be found on their website:



GETC went to Bryce Canyon, Utah,  to the Paunsagaunt XP, Randy Coleman Memorial 5 Day Pioneer. The results:

August 28:

First Place: Double Zell & Christoph

5th  Place: Stars Aflame & Carol Federighi
9th Place:   GE Spartan & Marie Dittman

August 29:

First Place: DWA Powerball & Christoph
Best Condition: Miss Kris

2nd Place: Miss Kris & Carol Federighi
5th Place: DWA Sabku+// & Marcy Clokey-Till

August 30:

First Place: Double Zell & Christoph

2nd Place: Stars Aflame & Carol Federighi
3rd Place: GE Spartan & Marie Dittman

August 31:

First Place: DWA Powerball & Christoph

2nd Place: DWA Sabku+// & Marie Dittman
3rd Place: Miss Kris & Marcy Clokey-Till

September 1:

First Place: Double Zell & Christoph

6th Place: Stars Aflame & Marcy Clokey-Till

End of August & beginning of September, our interns Kate Woodard, Marie Dittman & Jill Engeln left GETC to go back to the colleges & universities in Missouri, Switzerland & Wyoming. These 3 interns did a superb job for our Center. We are wishing them all the best for their future.

GETC Team members entered a new 2 day ride called Horse & Rider, located close to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Base camp was situated at 9500 ft elevation. The ride was hosted by Carol N & her husband, Pete. They’ve been working on this trail for 2 years. National Forrest has granted permission for next year, & will enable Carol to incorporate more trails in the ride. Thank you Carol & Pete for putting on such a great new ride.

August 16: Horse & Rider I

First Place: Double Zell & Christoph

2nd Place: Salty & Kate Woodard
5th Place: GE Ultra Blitz & Marcy Clokey-Till
8th Place: GE Spartan (Mumluk) & Tennessee Mahoney (Lane)
9th Place: Miss Kris & Marie Dittman

August 17: Horse & Rider II

First Place: DWA Powerball & Christoph


2nd Place: GE Lady & Kate Woodard

JULY 2008


Tevis 2008 was cancelled so GETC headed up to the Big Horn 100/55 in Wyoming. Knowing that this ride is a challenging as Tevis, our several International riders were happy to head up to the Big Horn. GETC had super successful Ride.

DWA Express, GETC’s International Passported Stallion, and Christoph tied for 1st with Esty. This was Express’s 2nd race and 2nd 100 mile race. Congratulations to both Christoph & Express.

Esty Geissmann was previously Esty Saenger (Switzerland, born in Wickenburg, AZ) came back to try Tevis for a 2nd time, then found out Tevis was cancelled, and was glad Big Horn was offered on the same day. Congratulations and a big thank you for taking DWA Sabku to a Tie for 1st and the Best Condition Award.

Anton Reid, winner of 2007 Quilty Cup, came from Australia and brought his friend Jo along to the ride. Anton rode DWA Millennium to a great finish.

Jo (Australia) rode GE Lady in Lady’s 1st 100 mile ride. Jo & Anton rode together and put wonderful finishes on both horses.

Mel Hare, from Moab, has been our trainer and a very exceptional friend during Dian’s time of recovery. He did an awesome job getting Miss Kris through her 1st 100 and helping Larry Cooper & GE Trinity get through both of their 1st 100 mile rides together to Top Ten finishes for both horse & rider teams. Thank You Mel for all your help and support!

Larry Cooper from Texas, came up to Wyoming for his 1st 100 mile ride. With Mel’s help and guidance, brought them in to a Top Ten Finish for both horse and riders 1st 100.

Cris Jones came from California and joined the GETC Team for a 2nd time, this time in Wyoming. She competed on Stars Aflame in the 55 mile ride and came in 4th place. Great Job Cris.

Marcy Till, from Moab, is our very special friend that has been helping train and condition our horses. She did a superb job in managing GE Ultra Blitz to his 1st top ten placing in the 55. Thank you!!**

GETC had great a great crewing for this ride. With these fine ladies, Kate Woodard(Chef d’ Equipe), Jill Engeln(Wyoming), & Marie Dittmann(Switzerland) working together for team GETC they kept everyone organized and the ball rolling, keeping track of everyone’s tack, gear, food, times and finishing places. Making sure both horse and rider was taken care of when they crossed the finish line. Here’s a huge THANK YOU for all your hard work an excellent job!

Tennessee Mahoney (Lane) was there to ride DWA Sabella our former horse. She had her best crew with her, Shawn Mahoney and kicked butt coming in 9th on her second 100 mile ride. Great Job Tenn & Shawn. She brought along with her, 2 trusty companions Fletcher the Beagle and Kip the Border Collie/McNab (former GETC pup).

July 19: Big Horn 100


First Place: DWA Express & Christoph
First Place: DWA Sabku+// & Esty (Switzerland)
They tied for 1st

4th Place: GE Trinity & Larry Cooper (Texas)
5th Place: Miss Kris & Mel Hare (Moab)
20th Place: GE Lady & Jo (Australia)
21st Place: DWA Millennium & Anton Reid (Australia)

9th Place: DWA Sabella & Tennessee Lane (former GETC Horse)

Big Horn 55

4th Place: Stars Aflame & Chris Jones (California)
8th Place: GE Ultra Blitz & Mary Till (Moab)

June 2008

June was a very busy month at GETC. Several endurance clinics were held for riders from Washington DC, Texas and Arizona. 2 new foals were born and already end of May, Kate Woodard and Jill Engeln joined GETC to complete an Internship. We are welcoming Jill and Kate to our Training Center.

Dian is still recovering and volunteered to care for the two new foals, while the rest of the staff went to the Strawberry Ride.

At the Strawberry Fields Forever Ride, managed by Howard Kent in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains near Strawberry Reservoir, GETC brought 9 horses and 6 riders for the 3 day event. Results are:

June 20th: 55 miler


1st Place: Double Zell and Christoph
19th Place: GE Lady and Kate
20th Place: GE Mumluk and Mel
21st Place: GE Trinity and Marcy

June 20th: 25 LD

26th: Star’s A Flame and Jill
31st: LP Lynzell and George YU

June 21st:  50 miler

1st Place: DWA Powerball and Christoph
9th Place: GE Lady and Kate
12th Place: DWA Sabku and Jill
14th Place: Star’s A Flame and Cris Jones

June 22nd:  50 miler

1st Place: Double Zell and Christoph
13th Place: GE Lady and Kate
16th Place: GE Mumluk and Mel
17th Place: GE Trinity and Marcy
June 22nd: 25 LD

2nd Place: Star’s A Flame and Cris Jones.

To all the GETC riders, Congratulations for a job well done. Some of the entered horses are now getting prepared for Tevis and the Strawberry ride tuned them up for it. These horses are GE Trinity, DWA Sabku and GE Lady. All the riders of these horses took very good care of them, took no risks and finished sound and well.

A great job was also done by David Shefrin, who rode 3 days of LD on former GETC horse Shotgun. David rode to two first place finishes, one 3rd place and won 2 BCs.
A “Thank You” to Cris Jones, who rode Star’s A Flame in her first 50 and finished very well.

The GETC staff is now getting ready for Tevis, where 6 GETC horses are entering. Esty Saenger from Switzerland is back, also Anton Reid and Jo from Australia. Larry Cooper from Texas will also be riding on his first Tevis. We are wishing all entered riders good luck.

May 2008


GETC just back from Owyhee Fandango International Ride in Oreana, Idaho. This ride consisted of a 3-day pioneer, a 75 mile ride and an FEI 100. Thank you Steph & John Teeter for doing such a wonderful job managing this multi-endurance ride event!

Clive Pollitt came from Scotland to serve as a member of the FEI Ground Jury for the FEI 100. He helped crewing on the first day or the Owyhee Fandango 50 mile.

During the FEI 100 GETC intern Jill Engels and our good friend, Robert Bouttier, the breeder of the DWA horses, & owner of Drinker of the Wind Arabians from Haliey ID, helped crew for TC Mounshine. Thanks for an excellent job done!

A Specialized Saddle was presented to Clive Pollitt for his 1st Place finish on DWA Powerball, donated by GETC.

May 26: Owyhee Fandango III 50

First Place: DWA Powerball & Clive Pollitt (Scotland)

DWA Powerball & DWA Sabella Tied for 1st

May 25: Owyhee Fandango International FEI 100

6th Place: TC Mounshine & Christoph Schork
5th Place FEI: TC Mounshine


3rd Place: DWA Powerball & Christoph Schork

Former GETC horse & rider Team of DWA Sabella & Tennessee Lane-Mahoney finished their 1st 100 mile ride in 15th place. Congratulations Tennessee.


4 GETC horses entered the yearly Hells Kitchen 50, held in Gunnison, Utah managed by our dear friend, Bruce Burnham. Bruce has kept the course the same for the past 28 years, because it was his 1st ride and he loves the course. As Bruce says, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Thanks for the long standing tradition of the Hell’s Kitchen Canyon Ride.
Carol Federighi attended a 5 day clinic with GETC. She finished the clinic with her first ever endurance ride in Gunnison. Congratulations, Carol!

May 17: Hell’s Kitchen 50


1st Place: Double Zell & Christoph Schork
14th Place: Miss Kris & Marcy Till
30th Place: GE Ultra Blitz & Sheri Griffith

Hells Kitchen 25:

15th Place: Carol Federighi and Stars A Flame


In the beginning of May the Mt Carmel XP ride is held near Kanab Utah. Every year GETC is entering several horses. Dian entered two of the 3 days and displayed a remarkable comeback after all the time of recovery from the cancer surgery and treatment last year. Congratulation Dian, we were all cheering for you! Your attitude is inspiring.

GETC is proud of being able to provide a couple of horses for Dave Rabe. Dave did a wonderful job, took excellent care of our horses and finished each day with a sound and great looking horse. Thanks, Dave!



Tie for first Place: Dian on Salty and Christoph on Double Zell.

45th Place: GE Trinity & Marcy Till



Tie for first Place: Dian on TC Mounshine and Christoph on DWA Powerball

29th Place: DWA Millennium & Dave Rabe
30th Place: iss Kris & Marcy Till


First Place: Double Zell & Christoph Schork

20th Place: Miss Kris & Dave Rabe
21st Place: GE Trinity & Marcy Till


A Highlight this spring was the arrival of two new foals, out of Halyva Night, a colt, and out of LZP Doubles Dancer, a filly, by DWA Express. Dian stayed home and didn’t participate in the Color Country ride to assure the arrival of the new foals. Thank You, Dian, for attending to the mares and foals. Your knowledge, experience, love and caring for GETC mares and foals is greatly appreciated by all. Your dedication and hard work is an inspiration. We all love You!!

The last couple of months were busy at the Global Endurance Training Center. Dian got through her chemotherapy and finished her last radiation treatment. She is getting stronger everyday and looking forward to a great season. It’s been a difficult year for all of us, but we worked together to met and overcame the challenges. Thanks to all our friends for your support and help during the last year. We really appreciate you all!

Ann Cummings from Wisconsin attended a clinic with us. Ann is an accomplished Centered Riding instructor. See her testimonial on our Testimonial page. After several days of working together and exchanging experiences, Ann decided she really liked our horse Kastaspell and decided to buy her and take her home. Congratulations, Ann, we wish you all the Best with Kastaspell and great success and enjoyment in your endurance career.


Just came back from Antelope Island 2 Day Ride, held on Antelope Island surrounded by The Great Salt Lake in UT. GETC horses and riders, as well as former clinic participants and GETC horses had a very successful ride. Thank you very much MJ Jackson and Dean, for managing this ride. It was a successful ride.

April 20: Antelope Island II


1st Place: Double Zell and Christoph
1st Middleweight

April 19: Antelope Island I

1st Place: DWA Powerball and Christoph
1st: Middleweight
8th Place: Salty and Dian
2nd Heavyweight

This was Dian’s first ride after her lengthy treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. Only 3 weeks after the end of this ordeal that started last May, Dian showed incredible strength and determination to get back in the saddle and compete. Her partner Christoph was very proud of her. Dian displayed a great spirit & attitude. Her humor and laughter made us all happy.

Former GETC Horse and Rider Teams:

Day 1:
7nd Place: Tucker and Andy Bown
1st Heavyweight

Color Country 3 day Pioneer Ride:

Back from the Color Country 3 day Pioneer Ride. GETC, Clients, Friends and former GETC horse and rider teams were awesome. Tennessee Lane came down from Ft. Collins to participate in this 3 day ride. She rode DWA Sabella, a former GETC horse to a 12th place finish on day one, a very respectable finish considering the long and harsh winter the Colorado high country had this year.

A BIG Thank You!! to Marion & her daughters for managing this ride. As always, they did and outstanding job. It was great to see Dave Rabe again after the challenges he had lately.

Like two years ago, our dear and long time friends from Christoph’s Ski Archery days, Sue and Dick Crouch, came out on their way home to WI to visit. Sue was on the National and World Ski Archery team in the woman’s division. She also used to train horses during her College days. It was so great to see and visit (what little we could) with them. Thank you very much Sue & Dick for the awesome dinners you so gratefully prepared and for helping crewing during the vet checks.
Marci Till, who has been riding, training and competing with GETC since last year, joined Christoph to enter the 3 days in Hurricane, Utah.

April 11: Color Country 55

1st Place: Double Zell and Christoph
1st Middleweight
6th Place: Trinity and Marci Till
Top Ten Lightweight

April 12: Color Country 50

1ST Place: Double Zell and Christoph

April 12: Color Country 25

22nd: GE Ultra Blitz and Marci Till

April 13: Color Country 25

4th Place: GE Ultra Blitz and Marci Till