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Global Endurance Training Center is your source for comprehensive training programs and workshops for riders of all levels that are interested in competing in endurance events and becoming more educated in horse care for the endurance athlete.

We specialize in selecting, training and breeding exceptional horses that excel in endurance events. Many of our horses have seen incredible success in endurance racing.

We are also your source for horse tack and products, including hoof boots, natural hoof care products, saddles and horse supplements.  These products have been exclusively tested by GETC.  We offer several saddle choices of both a treed saddle and treeless saddle, for endurance riders. These are the DeFranco saddles from South Africa and the Sensation treeless saddles made in Canada. Presently all Sensation saddles are not being manufactured, we keep you updated when production will resume. With exception of saddles and custom orders, all products are eligible for a full refund if returned unopened within 2 weeks of purchase. Normally we ship within 2 or three days of incoming orders. Delays can happen through travel, holidays, strikes and other unforeseen circumstances. 

As of very recently, GETC is the ambassador and distributor of Equilyte Products, especially the proven and tested Vetline electrolytes. See the featured products on our home page. 


GETC is the Official Partner of The Gobi Desert Cup

Global Endurance Training Center is the official partner of The Gobi Desert Cup. Founded in 2017 by FEI 3* endurance rider Camille Champagne, the Gobi Desert Cup is a multistage endurance race on Mongolian horses over six days and 480 kilometers across the vast expanse of Mongolia’s fascinating and inspiring Gobi Desert.

Be part of a race that makes a big difference in the lives of the nomadic Mongolian people. Up to 50 local herdsmen and families are employed before, during, and after the race by the Gobi Cup Management Team. More, each horse is provided additional nutrition and training specifically for our event. The Gobi Desert Cup is not just an endurance race, it is a cultural experience. Learn Mongolian horsemanship, explore the steppe and live like a nomad!

Only a limited number of riders are accepted each year. Nominations are now open for the next ride, August 27- September 6, 2019. Apply now at www.gobidesertcup.com.



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