Hoof crack repair

Sep 27 2012

Hoof Cracks happen! Sometimes through imbalanced hooves, load factors, a bad step or an injury.

We always want to explore and find out why these cracks happen, so we can take the necessary remedies or precaution the next time to prevent them.


This hoof crack in the heel was caused by an accident.


First consideration: Patching or leaving it alone. Leaving it as is, we run the risk that some rock might wedge into it and widen the crack. Forces on the heel could also push the heel even more under.

Patching can be done very easily with Vettec Superfast.

First, however, we prepare the hoof and crack for it. For the Vettec Glue to stick, we need to clean, roughen and dry the crack and surrounding area.

A Dremel tool works best for cleaning and roughening the area.

Drying the affected area is next. A heat gun works well.



Next, we apply Vettec Superfast liberally in and around the crack.

After waiting about 5 minutes, we can start rasping off the excess glue material.

The crack is now patched, the horse can resume his normal work routine.

If done properly, these Vettec glues can hold a crack together for months or till it is all grown out.


Another tip from the Global Endurance Training Center


Christoph Schork

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