Training & Riding Packages

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Riding Packages
2 Hour Desert Ride $120 per person
3 Hour Desert Ride $165 per person
4 Hour Desert Ride $220 per person
4 Mountain Ride $235 per person
All Day Ride (lunch provided) $325 per person
Training/Clinic Packages
1 Day Clinic $495
2 Day Clinic $950
3 Day Clinic $1350
5 Day Clinic $2125

Our endurance clinics enhance your knowledge about training your horse, preparing for endurance events, selecting the appropriate nutrition for maximum performance, finding the right tack, saddle and hoof protection. You will improve your equestrian seat and balance. You will learn how to select an endurance horse and about the newest research and findings on vaccinations, electrolytes and supplements. The endurance clinics are a must for beginning, intermediate and serious riders. Your horse will thank you for it. You will perform better and get superior results. GETC horses place consistently top ten and have accumulated over 130 BCs. All clinics and rides are private. Discounts available for additional riders.