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Ulsus Digestive Support

Triple Action Formula for Digestive Health

Up to 92% of all performance horses may show signs of stomach erosions. In addition to stomach erosions caused by exercise, erosions may form in horses that: 1) Do not have a constant access to pasture, 2) Have a lowered hay intake, 3) Have become stall bound, and 4) Are fed processed feeds instead of whole grains.

Ulsus™ may provide support for your horse’s digestive system in three ways: First, by providing ingredients that have been shown to balance acidity in the stomach by neutralizing a portion of the acid buildup, second, by providing ingredients that support a protective mucus layer on the stomach lining thus protecting it from the remaining acid and third, by providing ingredients that the body can use to support a healthy digestive lining in an overly acidic environment.

Active Ingredients per 23 Grams:
Calcium :: 4,909 mg
Magnesium :: 479 mg
Vitamin E :: 2,000 IU
Glutamic Acid :: 500 mg
L-Histidine :: 250 mg
MSM :: 2,520 mg
Niacin :: 38 mg
Other Ingredients: DGL Licorice Root Extract, Althea officinalis

Serving Size – 23 grams

3lb Container