Upcoming Hoof Care Clinic in Idaho

May 2 2011

Global Endurance Training Center is inviting for a special seminar on May 25th 2011. 




A one day hoof care clinic will be organized and conducted by the staff of GETC. This clinic is scheduled to be in timely proximity to the upcoming Fandango 3 day ride in Oreana, Idaho. Interested riders and hoof trimmers can thus attend both events in one trip. Details and sign up forms  at Download Global Endurance Training Center presents


This clinic will cover in detail the anatomy of the horses lower limbs and will discuss various hoof trimming techniques.



Conformation and hoof growth – how do they relate to each other?

The following weekend, attend the Owyhee Fandango 3 day Pioneer ride, organized and managed by Steph Teeter. The Fandango ride has been a long time favorite among riders not only of the USA and Canada, but also from South America and Europe.  This year again, there will be a 3 day Pioneer ride as well as a 80 and 100 mile ride.

 Thursday morning, one day before the ride and one day after the Eagle Hoof Care clinic, starting at 9am, a demonstration of EasyCare hoofboot  and a Equiflex horseshoe application will be conducted by Christoph Schork from GETC.

 Christoph and Huf coach clinic participants in Germany last March, displaying freshly glued EasyCare boots.

Furthermore, Friday and Saturday, from 4 pm to 5 pm, Christoph Schork and Dian Woodward will be available to answer specific questions from hoof trimmers and riders during this free Q&A hour.

 Friday evening Vettec, Inc with Vettec Hoof Care Products will sponsor a wine and cheese party at the Fandango base camp. All riders and participants of the clinics are invited.


A long weekend, filled with educational and riding opportunities, where the fun and learning part stands in the foreground. Join us for a memorable experience.



For further info and sign up, contact GETC at info@globalendurance.com

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