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Apr 10 2012

Tendon and suspensory injuries, muscle tear, muscle cramps, splints, bone chips, bruises, inflammations, the list for possible horse injuries seems endless sometimes.


Long rehab therapies are often required, many trips to the veterinarian for treatments. It can be all too frustrating.

At Global Endurance Training Center we have had experience with many different treatment methods and therapies. When we find a good product that gives us results and has been proven, we let you know on our website and through our blogs. If we are convinced of the benefit of any products, tack included, we include them in our on line store. Everything we offer there, we are using ourselves on our horses. These products have been tested by us and proven to be of benefit to horse owners and riders.

Most of us have heard of the healing effects of Ultrasound waves. Till now, these machines were expensive and only larger clinics had them available. With UltrOZ this has changed. Now every horse owner and trainer can treat their horses with their own Ultrasound machine.

The benefits of ultrasound lie in its interaction with cells and tissues. The affects of acoustic vibrations on the body were studied as early as the 6th century AD. Ultrasound gained widespread acceptance as a therapeutic treatment in the 1940’s even though many people today only recognize ultrasound for imaging.  Ultrasound therapy has always been attractive because it is completely non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical.


Ultrasound therapy sends a compression wave into the body which exerts a physical force on the tissue, blood vessels, and bones.  This compression wave produces the well known benefit of deap heating, but it also increases circulation and flexibility in the area by pushing/pulling nutrients through the cellular structures.  This highly dynamic environment is perfect for helping areas recover after activity or heal after an injury


Ultrasound has traditionally been applied in short, high intensity bursts from large systems. However, current research indicates that low heat, long term ultrasound treatments provide an overall better therapy by fully saturating an area and creating a sustained environment for enhanced healing

Longer term treatments mean the increased blood flow and heat is maintained throughout long recovery periods.  The body gets more of the nutrients it needs directly where it needs them.



Developed by researchers at Cornell University, UltrOZ Elite makes an effective and well regarded therapy easy to use. No more active administration, no more large machines!

Attaching the device is quick and easy. Simply place the device near the injury using the specially engineered neoprene wraps and ultrasound gel. Turn the device on and therapy begins. Estimated preparation time is 5 minutes or less. Treatment times range 3 – 5 hours without any active supervision required.

Ultrasound therapy is scientifically proven to increase healing and provide pain relief. You cannot over-treat with UltrOZ and internal fail safes prevent thermal injury risk.  UltrOZ Elite is a safe, easy to use system for daily treatment of frustrating injuries.


After applying Ultrasound gel to the probe, turn it around and lay it onto the area to be treated. It is advisable to shave the hair off the area where you are placing the probe.



Apply the wrap and insert the transmitter into the pouch after turning it on.



Close the pouch and now you can turn your horse out. Batteries last 5 to 6 hours. Treatment should last at least one hour, often more is better.


If turning your horse out, you can secure the unit with additional vetrap.


Secured like this, you can actually even go for a ride while the UltraOZ is doing its job.

You can use the UltraOZ on all parts of the body. Using it on the hind quarters or shoulders, you can secure it with duct tape or some other tape. In that case, it is advised to keep the horse tied up for the duration, so it does not roll with the device attached.


We have been using UltraOZ now for several weeks on some of our horses with new and old tendon injuries, windpuffs and tight muscles. The results have been truly astonishing. Rehab time is shortened considerably. Within minutes of application, we do notice signs of tension release by the horses: chewing actions, licking lips, blinking the eye. We were impressed!

And the best thing: It is absolutely  safe for the horses. You cannot do any damage, even if you forget to take it off and the batteries run empty.

UltraOZ is now available for purchase through Global Endurance Training Center.

Call us or email us with any orders or questions. Here are a couple of links for you to watch to learn more about UltraOz applications.


And another excellent video with detailed demonstrations on how to apply the UltraOZ





The complete unit comes with the transmitter, the probe, a battery charger, 2 wraps, a bottle of ultrasound gel.

This whole system sells for $ 1295.00.  Available now at Global Endurance Training Center.

Through the month of May 2012, you will receive a FREE Sore No More Gelotion with each order.


Orders are being taken by calling 435 719 4033, by emailing us at: or by ordering through our website.

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