Endurance/Hoof Care Clinic in Canada

May 2 2011

During the Easter weekend,  Christoph Schork from Global Endurance Training Center travelled to Kelowna, Canada on invitation of the Endurance Riders Association of British Columbia, to conduct a combo endurance/hoofcare seminar. The clinic was very well attended with over 40 riders and Christoph provided two full days of instruction. The first day was spent indoors and covered topics of training and conditioning endurance horses, cross training, nutrition, electrolyte supplementation and horse anatomy with emphasis on lower legs and hooves.



During the indoor PP presentation, Christoph explains the benefits of cross training.


The second day was almost entirely spent outdoors. The weather was just beautiful during this Easter weekend.  The regional TV station came to film the event.


Below, Michael Peterson, DVM, explains the procedure of a vet check to the film crew.




Christoph continued with explaining and demonstrating various hoof trimming techniques.



This was followed by discussion and a demonstration on gluing hoofboots. Dana Johnson provided one of her horses for this demonstration.



Four new Easyboot Glue ons on this horse.


The day concluded with a saddle fitting session. During this segment, Dana Johnsen from Nickers Saddlery, LTD contributed her knowledge to this part of a very successful clinic.


A big THANK YOU goes out to Katrin Leverman and Cory Anthony, who did an outstanding job organizing this event. They promised to continue next year with more educational clinics.  I certainly would be delighted to go back to this great group of endurance riders.

Cory Anthony, by the way, will enter his first endurance ride ever at the upcoming Rock Creek 50 middle of may. 6 months ago he had not even ridden a horse and weight in at 280lbs.  After loosing over 70 lbs so far and training and riding every day, he feels he is ready. 

We all wish him a great and successful ride. Way to go, Anthony. Watch him on Youtube.

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