GE DanexAHA# 654171

DWA Express x LZP Doubles Dancer

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Horse Stats


  • Sire: DWA Express

    Pure Polish Nominated & Breeders Sweepstakes Stallion.  He is has an FEI passport.
    He has earned sweepstakes points for year end payout. 
    He has a 32 resting HR.   A very nice smooth easy ride.
    DWA Express’s 1st race as an FEI 100 mile race and he finished in 5th place, with a ride time of 10:40 min.
    50 Mile
    4 First Place
    2 Best Condition
    9 Top Ten
    3 Top Ten Featherweight
    4 1st Place Middleweight
    1 First Place Heavyweight
    75 Mile
    1 Best Condition
    1 First Place
    1 First Place Middleweight
    100 Mile
    1 First Place (Big Horn)
    1 First Place Middleweight
    1 Top Ten
    1 Top Ten Middleweight
    ***FEI  100 Mile Race
    4th Place FEI 

  • Dam: LZP Doubles Dancer

    Doubles Dancer was injured as a 2 yr old and could never be ridden. We are using her as a broodmare, and she has produced 2 really nice foals by DWA Express. She is the Daughter of Double Zell. Double Zell's record is amazing: he has 3095 miles, 55 starts 55 completions, 12 Best Conditions, 6 starts 6 completions of 100 mile races, 4 starts 4 completions of the Tevis Cup 100 mile Race. He has 35+ wins, 35+ Top Ten rankings, 35+ 1st place Middleweight Divison and 35+  Top Ten Middleweight Division rankings.

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