Sensations Saddles – Leather Options

One of the first things to decide when choosing your saddle is which leathers will work best for you. Sensation saddles are normally made with two different leathers, a seat leather and a flap leather.  

Our Leathers are always changing, as buying smaller stocks of leather at a time allows us to offer you a wide range of choices in leathers at a more affordable price. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to check with us, as we can probably order something special in for you!


FLAP LEATHERS:  Flap leathers are used on the flap, cantle, jockey, and pommel. 


Black Nappa – This popular leather breaks in very easily leaving a very soft, yet durable, flap. The grain on this leather is slightly textured.


 Black Stormy  – Our most popular leather, this hide gives a gentle oily grip to the rider, and offers a slightly firmer feeling.


Black Alpine – This leather is most comparable to traditional flap leather. Its smooth, sleek look is perfect for the showring and for someone who wants a firmer feeling flap.

bullhide_sm.jpgBrown Bullhide (now brown Nappa) – This heavy flap is most comparable to Nappa, only thicker and in brown! A nice deep brown colour, slightly textured.


Brown Stormy – A rich medium/dark brown colour, this leather provides a soft oily grip, and breaks in easily.  Reddish in colour.

crazyhorse_sm.jpgCrazyHorse – This leather breaks into a distressed tan colour. It has a light grip and is a popular choice for those who like a casual look.

calicocoffeebean_sm.jpgCalico Coffee Bean – Almost a taupe colour, this brown flap leather looks great on any colour horse. Slight grip, smooth texture.


 Hillfire Acorn – This light tan leather has an almost nubuck-like finish to it, and matches best to Oak Bark or contrasts well with black too!

altDirty Dog Durango – This dark, heavy leather is is a pull-up leather – when it wears, it takes that “well worn” look very easily. Very light grip, smooth leather. Similar to chieftain Aged Bark, but with more of an orange/reddish hue.

More leather are available – check with nickers or your dealer for current offerings.

SEAT LEATHERS  – These leathers are used on the seat, knee, and thigh roll of the saddle, and also the binding. more than one color may be choosen.

 altBlack Deertan – our most popular choice, this buttery soft leather has a gentle grip and a low lustre finish. Perfect for those who like a durable leather without compromising comfort.

altBlack Lambtan – the cousin of Deertan, this leather has a shinier finish and less grip, but is super soft to the touch. An excellent choice for those who want ultimate luxury!

altBlack Suede – a true dark black, suede is a great choice for a rider who wants lots of “stick” in the saddle.

Black Immersion Nubuck – Nubuck is a rough like suede, as it is a sanded smooth leather, so it doesn’t have quite the “furry” texture of a suede, so is a great grip alternative, as it isn’t quite as sticky as suede, but much grippier than smooth. Nubuck tends to wear a little stronger than suede. This nubuck is a charcoal black.

 altBrown Deertan – Just like the black Deertan, this dark chocolate brown is a very popular choice.

Brown Lambtan – Much like its black alternative, this brown is a bit more medium, and matches perfectly in colour to Glacier.  Buttery and soft, it is also a very popular leather.

altTaupe – This light tan contrasts beautifully with a reddish flap or a black flap.

altDark Taupe – A buttery soft leather with a light grip – matches very well with Calico Coffee Bean or works well as a contrast too!

altStone – a medium grey, Stone also provides a great contrasting colour.

altPecan – a lovely caramel colour, this popular choice pairs really well with Crazyhorse or contrasting with black. Soft and gentle grip, this leather breaks in quickly and comfortably.

altLight Taupe Nubuck – A Nubuck that is lighter in colour than the Goat tan. Matches closely with Hillfire Acorn.

 Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Pink – we often carry a wide range of these bright colours for those who want to add some pizazz to thier tack. Match it with our great biothane products for a really cool matching effect, or consider ordering a “chameleon pkg” which includes a seat, stirrup tubes, and a handle cover for $100, so you can mix up your standard saddle parts with some fun colours!