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HiTie Trailer Tie System

HiTie™ Trailer Tie System

HiTie™ Stows Horizontally

Stows horizontally

HiTie™ stows vertically

Stows vertically

HiTie™ stows secureley

Stows securely

The HiTie™ was developed to provide a more comfortable and safer alternative to trailer tying and portable corrals. The HiTie™ gives horses free movement and access to an area equivalent of a 13 foot diameter round pen. This safe, controlled movement gives horses the ability to graze, eat, drink, roll and lie down while tied.

Quality and Durability: The HiTie™ components are manufactured by a leading hitch and receiver company. All rugged steel components are chromed for appearance and to avoid rusting. The fiberglass rod used in the HiTie™ system is also used in mooring whips designed to dock and protect boats up to 72,000 lbs. The patented bungee tether has been tested in equine conditions for several years. It is simply the best horse tie on the market.

HiTie™ Warranty: Sportack guarantees the quality and workmanship of the HiTie™ system for 90 days from the date of purchase. Guarantee does not cover normal wear, misuse or abuse. We will not replace product prior to our inspection.

Warning: Before using the HiTie™ system, it is recommended that a horse be trained to tether and tie to a “highline” system. The HiTie™ is not recommended for horses that have problems being tied or tethered to a “highline” system. Sportack will not be held responsible for damage or injury due to a horse that misbehaves while tethered to the HiTie™. It is the responsibility of the horse owner to determine that a horse has the correct temperament before being tethered to a HiTie™ unit.

Special Shipping: The HiTie™ System is considered an “Oversized” Item by UPS. An additional handling charge may be applied.

Complete HiTie™ System
HiTie™ Trailer Tie System
Heavy duty stainless steel and high strength fiberglass construction safely secures your horse and stands up to the elements. Conveniently stows flush against your trailer when not in use, so there’s never a need to remove it.

HiTie System Package includes: HiTie arm, mounting hardware with instructions, and one D-Ring Pin and Safety Clip. Accessories sold separately below.

Price: $399.00



HiTie™ D-Ring Pin & Safety Clip

HiTie™ D-Ring & Safety Clip

The heavy-duty D-Ring Pin and Safety Clip keeps the HiTie™ Arm securely in place when in use or stowed for travel or storage.

The Complete HiTie™ System (above) includes one D-Ring and safety clip.

Keep extras on hand just in case you ‘misplace’ the originals. Don’t get stuck on a trip without them.

Price: $18.00


HiTie™ Adjustable Bungee

HiTie Adjustable Bungee

No more Runner….this new system allows you to adjust the bungee length without the use of a detachable runner. The strong 2″ wide nylon straping adjusts with heavy duty feed-through buckles. The New bungee cord is made from a heavy-duty 5/8″ nylon over cotton double covered cord with reinforced ends. The bungee tether can be adjusted from 62″ to 87″. (We recommend the bungee tether be adjusted to 24″ above the ground).

Price: $40.00

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