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EasyShoe Sport


Price: $39.95
EasyShoe Sport, Open Frog
A wide-webbed shoe that offers maximum support across the sole. The internal metal spine allows the shoe to be adjusted to many hoof shapes and creates additional structural intergrity. Stays on the hoof for the entire trimming cycle. Allows the hoof to expand and contract laterally and vertically.
Full and half sizes available. Glue on only. Requires glue, tips and dispensing gun for installation. Sold in pairs (two shoes)


EasyShoe Sport Size Chart

EasyShoe Sport
Size Width in mm Length in mm
0 100-110mm 114-117mm
0.5 105-115mm 118-121mm
1 110-120mm 122-125mm
1.5 115-125mm 126-129mm
2 120-130mm 130-133mm
2.5 125-135mm 134-137mm
3 130-140mm 138-141mm