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Sep 7 2011

Global Endurance Training Center is proud to announce that as of last month, we are distributors of the Sensation Treeless Saddles.



Christoph riding a Sensation Westlish saddle on his mare, Stars Aflame, at the National 100 Mile AERC Championship to a First Place Win and receiving the BC Award.

With so many treeless saddles on the market now, why did we choose to add the the Sensation Saddle line to our inventory?

You can count on the quality. Sensations are designed in Canada, and made in Canada. The materials are primarily North American, and all the leather comes from Canada or the USA. All saddles are made with quality leather designed to last you thousands of miles of comfort.


The quality of the workmanship, the stitching seen here, is superb.


Your Horse, of Course. Sensations are the only treeless saddle design to utilize a multi-point stirrup attachment. This means better weight distribution for your horse, particularly important when you’re riding long and hard. When your Sensation saddle is set up in the hard use or endurance attachments, you can count on having an even better weight distribution than a treed saddle. Taking the tree out of a saddle doesn’t make it a treeless saddle – thoughtful engineering and a redesigned weight distribution system allows it to be a true treeless saddle, and not just a bareback pad with stirrups.



The stirrups can get hung precicly where you want them, you can adjust them to your personal needs and alignment.



Here the G4 stirrup adjustment. You may use any of the three billets as stirrup hanger, the other two will serve for the girth.

Choices, Choices, Choices. Break traditions! Each Sensation Saddle is custom  made to suit your needs. Who says you can only ride in black and brown saddles? Who says you have to ride English or Western? You can choose the components you like best and combine them to create your perfect saddle. Be flashy, go with Hot Pink if that’s what you like. Every horse and rider is different and Sensation offers a wide variety of options in Leather, Seat Size, Flap shape, cantle and pommel sizes, rigging adjustments, etc. We want to ensure you have the best saddle to suit YOUR needs, and almost anything is possible. 


Here the Sensation Westlish Rebel saddle on Baloo Bit O Honey,  customized red seat and knee rolls. The leather is so soft, that Christoph is able to ride 50 miles in shorts on it without getting any rubbing on his legs.


The Sensation Harmony Element saddly, with customized fleece seat.

Complete Comfort and connection. The Sensation Ride saddles have been ergonomically designed to permit the rider a close contact, balanced (yet customizable) seat using medical grade foams, high grade custom felts, wool and leather.  These same materials allow air flow through the saddle’s layers; breathability is important to the comfort of you and your horse, and we believe that neoprene and rubbers just don’t perform in a way that permits exhaustion of heat and moisture.  The Sensation saddles will mould to you and your horse. No hard parts in our saddles! The saddle will form fit to you like a fine new leather shoe.


G4 Westlish Rebel Sensation saddle fits horse and rider: riding in synergy. (Christoph on Stars Aflame)


Uphill during the championship race


Did you know that..

Sensation Ride saddles have the best weight distribution system in the treeless saddle world? This is important for keeping the rider’s weight from being concentrated over a small area at any time during the rider’s position.

Sensation Ride saddle owners are using their saddles for: Assisted riding therapy, endurance, dressage, back country treks, jumping, hunting, competitive trail, gaited riding, starting youngsters, reining, gymkhana & more!



The Sensation G4 Western Sport Trail saddle. All Sensation saddles are equipped with the pommel strap for easy one hand carrying. Useful as well for attaching essential gear. Or mayby holding onto occasionally when riding a bronc.


The same model mounted on Stars Aflame


Global Endurance Training Center has now the following Sensation saddles in stock:



15.5 inch G3 Hybrid


16 inch G4 Western Trail, displayed here with HAF pad

Both saddles are available right now. For a complete saddle line up and for ordering and customizing your Sensation saddle, contact us at Global Endurance Training Center:

Tel 435 719 4033  or



On average, it will take about 6 weeks after ordering your saddle before you can ride and enjoy it.


Global Endurance Center also distributes Freeform saddles and Specialized saddles. Specialized saddles are treed saddles that can get fine tuned to the horses back through a system of foam wedges. More info available through our website as well.

GETC offers this variety of saddles, treeless and with tree, to cover any saddle needs you might have, so you and your horse can ride in total comfort.

We provide ongoing consultation and advice to find the right saddle for you and your horse.




Enjoy the Ride!

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