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Jun 28 2012

City of Rocks! What a fantastic riding place close to the Utah/Idaho border. Ride among huge boulders that climbers from all over the world have been ascending for years. Steph Teeter is organizing a 4 day endurance extravaganza in this unique area. Be one of the first riders to experience this magnificent place. Check out the Teeters website at


Global Endurance Training Center and EasyCare are partnering up with the Teeters and The Bootmeister will be conducting a free Hoof Care Clinic the day before the first ride day.


The Clinic commences at 2 pm on July 10th 2012 at the base camp. The Bootmeister will be demonstrating various hoof trimming methods, discussing bare hoof trims and Natural Hoof Care trims as well as evaluating hooves of your horses. He will be sharing experiences and demonstrating gluing techniques with Easyboot Glue ons. Other hoof protection methods will also be discussed and demonstrated.




In which country is this kind of hoof protection used?



Learn how to evaluate hooves and




how to glue on EasyCare shells successfully.

Vettec company is sponsoring the Wine and Cheese party that same evening after the clinic.

Vettec products  have been used successfully now for many years for protecting the soles of bare hoofed and shod horses and have been proven to glue successfully thousands of Glue on shoes.


Equiflex company is contributing prizes for raffle at the clinic and as ride awards. EasyCare is giving away boots for the participants of the clinic



The Equiflex shoe, suitable for gluing or nailing, your choice.


Irish Cob

We can fit Hoof protection to all breed of horses. Above an Irish Cob displaying his newly fitted Easyboot Gloves.


Join us for this Clinic. It will be fun and you will learn somthing. Besides, it is FREE and you might win a prixe. And don't forget the Wine and Cheese Party afterwards. A total win/win situation for everyone. It does not get any better than this.


And the next day, ride the incredible trails of the City of Rocks. The trails are not rocky, as one might believe from the name,  you are just riding through magnificent huge boulder areas, arguably one of the most beautiful areas in Idaho.


See you there!

Christoph Schork , GETC


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