LZP HelstroubleAHA# 642087

LZP Heluvazell X TC Orphane Annie

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Horse Stats


  • Sire: LZP Heluvazell

    Has $39,239 AJC Life Earnings in flat track racing out of 19 starts. Hel’s sire: Brusally Orlen: Life Earnings: $13,163 in 13 starts. He has produced numerous successful track race horses. His daughter Littlesister Zell has $25,697.00 in 7 starts and is the dam of Double Zell, has over 25 1st place endurance wins, over 2,595 Lifetime AERC endurance miles, 10 Best Conditions, 47 completions out of 47 starts, 2 Tevis completions, 4 total 100 mile completions

  • Dam: TC Orphane Annie

    Is a Wiking Daughter, who is one of the most influential race stallions in the History of racing. He has AJC life earnings of $97,782. But his progney’s earnings is over $1,000,000 dollars. He produced great racing horses such as: Monarch AH(exported to UAE), Patriot Missel+, The Wiking, Sideways, Seyvilla Wikeyna (mare), just to name a few.

Highlights & Achievements

SOLD! Exported to UAE! LZP Helstrouble is a very nice easy ride. He is only 4 this year so we will be easily getting him ready for a couple of 50’s in 2011 when he will be 5.  He has a really sweet personality and greets us at the gate when he sees us coming.