Hiroko (GE Trinity)AHA# 586489 AERC# H42524

Pyatigorsk (CAHR*11528) x My Madame (CAHR*17091)

Photos, Videos & Description

Big nostrils


Horse Stats

  • Parents: Pyatigorsk (CAHR*11528) x My Madame (CAHR*17091)
  • Sex: Mare
  • Height: 15.2 hds
  • Color: Bay
  • Foal Date: April 30, 1997
  • AERC Lifetime Miles: 915
  • Ride Summary: AHA# 586489 AERC# H42524
  • Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hiroko2


  • Sire: Pyatigorsk (CAHR*11528)

    Pyatigorsk was syndicated for $1 million. He sired over 300 foals including 3 Stakes winning race horses and several other race winners. Over 24 Pyatigorsk offspring were sold into the endurance market in the US and ALL of them did well.  The majority of his get are within 1,100 miles of having traveled around the globe in AERC races.

  • Dam: My Madame (CAHR*17091)

    Hiroko's maternal grand-dam, Harpona, was in-bred to *Pietuszok as both her sire and her dam were *Pietuszok offspring. Hiroko has several full siblings and those horses have proven their ability on race tracks, show rings and endurance rides around North America

Highlights & Achievements

Bred by Sturgeon Creek Arabians in Canada.  This beautiful mare has a 32 resting HR,  and is a very easy smooth fun ride.
100 Mile
4th Place BIG HORN 100
50/55 Mile
1 Best Condition
11 Top Ten
1 1st Place Featherweight
1 1st Place Heavyweight
2 1st Place Lightweight
1 Top Ten Featherweight
4 Top Ten Lightweight
3 Top Ten Heavyweight