GE Honky Tonk Hector THANK YOU PHYLICIA MANN!AHA# 634946 AERC# H47955

Darix x Kazmeia

Photos, Videos & Description

Horse Stats


  • Sire: Darix

  • Dam: Kazmeia

Highlights & Achievements

GE Hector is by & out of old CMK lines. He goes back to the War Mare Wadduda 23 times. Hector is a solid 15 hd horse and carries a heavyweight with ease. He has a very strong, solid build,  loves work, and greets you at the gate to go for a ride. GE Hector is a Half-Brother to GE Cyclone, whom has come in 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the TEVIS  CUP 100 Miles 1-Day Race.
100 Mile
Tevis 20th place (1st 100 mile race)
50 Mile
1 1st Place
1 Top Ten
1 Best Condition
1 1st Place Heavyweight
1 Top Ten Heavyweight
50 Mile
1 1st place 
2 Best Condition
3 Top Ten
2 1st place Heavyweight Division
1 1st place Featherweight Division