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Dian and Christoph,

Cyclone and Garret at Strawberry Fields

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how thrilled I have been with my purchase of GE Cyclone.  Cyclone is an incredible horse and has performed exactly how you predicted.  I’ve had the opportunity to ride some great horses over the years and I believe Cyclone is on of the best.  I’ve only ridden him in a dozen or so events and he has already racked up 6 Best Condition awards.
Thank you for everything you did to leg him up and get him ready to compete.  You guys really do your homework and offer horses that are ready for the trail.  This is especially important as more and more people are looking for horses that are ready to compete. Cyclone is everything you advertised and more.

Keep up the good work!

Cris Jones

Hi Christoph

Thanks for the phone message wishing me all the best for 2009.  And congratulations on the BC and 1st place to you and Dapple at the Las Cienegas ride in December.  That is most impressive but then again Dapple is one hell of a horse. 2008 was a big year for me.  I competed in 13 rides and owe a good chunk of my success to Global Endurance.  Thank you so much.  I really like being connected to the GE team and I keep a good eye on your web site and what you and your horses are achieving.

Laurie Birch

Do you want a better horse? Whether it’s a horse off of the racetrack, a problem horse, a horse out of condition, or a horse that needs retraining, I know from my experiences that Christoph and Dian at the Global Endurance Training Center can help you!

A year ago I took a chance with an ex-race horse that I purchased to allow me to become more competitive in the sport of endurance. Because I did not have the facilities, time or the experience to deal with my new horse, I knew that I needed help. The Global Endurance Center was my answer. Making the transition from racehorse to endurance horse had some degree of unpredictability especially since my new horse exhibited an explosive attitude. But when she was given the proper training, my re-schooled racehorse has provided considerable pleasure and is now quite capable of competing at the highest levels.

Christoph and Dian have a real gift with horses. I believed them when they said, “We never met a horse we didn’t like”, as they deal with a wide range of horses with varying temperaments. Their goal is to nurture harmony, athleticism, and understanding between you and your horse through the training and instruction of natural horsemanship. I have found Christoph & Dian’s love and admiration for horses and their own enthusiasm for educating people that are willing to find a better way with their horses, a great asset. They can cure any problem and more importantly train the owner so the work can continue back at home. I’ve learned a great deal from Christoph and Dian and I still have a great deal to learn! They have a lot of fans out there. I’m one!

Ann Cummings

I went to Christoph because I wanted clarification and more knowledge on training and conditioning my horses for Endurance competitions.

Christoph shared vast amounts of information with kindness,generosity and the knowledge of a competitive athlete. He has taken his experience and achievements in other distance sports and combined their
training principals with his knowledge of horsemanship and equitation to create a comprehensive Endurance training program for horse and rider.

Endurance riding is not a linear sport on any level. Christoph is an educator. No matter your level  of riding or accomplishments in the sport of Endurance you will become more accomplished after a clinic with him. I highly recommend Christoph and the Global Endurance Training Center.

Wisconsin  (Tel # 262 215 4280)

Katie Nielsen


First, let me say thank you so much for taking me out with you last Saturday for the 4 hour ride. It really made my trip to Moab. I found a new appreciation for endurance riding and Arabs. Your horses are amazing, and you have a large part to do with that. To get to see that area of the desert so up close and personal was something I will never forget. I can’t tell you how much this experience means to me. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you again next year when we head back to Moab.

Many thanks,

Tennessee Mahoney

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for DWA Sabella!!!  She’s amazing, now I know why they call them Drinkers of the Wind, I just don’t know why they never mention anything about her wings!  Sabella and I have been spending lots of quality time on the trail together getting to know each other better and I think we’ve really ‘clicked.’  I know it’s just the beginning of an amazing friendship.  I can’t wait to ride her in the next race, I know she’ll smoke’m!  You guys are the best, thanks again.

Sheri Griffith – Owner, Sheri Griffith Expeditions

At 51 years old, I began training with Global Endurance to learn to endurance ride.  I was taught a wide range of valuable skills, from riding technique to health care of my horses.  The training was concentrated, intense, focused and compassionate.  Dian and Christoph have successfully combined their love of horses & the endurance competition with their in-depth knowledge and combined 30 years experience.  Within a 4 competitions I was riding in the Top 10 with sound and happy horses.  I recommend Global Endurance to anyone serious about the sport and the health of their horses.

Sheri Griffith

Sam E. Thornhill

I have known Christoph and Dian, the owners of Global Endurance for many years, competing together in XC ski races and Ski archery, nationally and around the world. I have gained great respect for Chistoph as a competitor and Teammate. I have learned a lot from him about conditioning, nutrition, training and being prepared for an endurance athlete. I always liked competition and horses, but lacked the deeper knowledge how to compete on horses over long distances and take care of the horses during these events.

When I approached Christoph to help me understand what it takes to get through an endurance race. Christoph’s knowledge of training himself is multiplied ten fold on the training and care he takes in their horses. Dian has more knowledge, understanding and connection with horses and people than anyone I have ever met. Christoph and Dian of Global Endurance Center had several well conditioned horses available for me to give it a try. They showed me the ropes, the prep work and helped me through the day with expert advise and coaching. We finished the 50 mile Color Country Ride with a strong horse and had a blast doing it.

I can highly recommend Global Endurance Training Center, whether you are a novice or and advanced rider, Christoph and Dian will help and guide you through. They are very fun personable people to be around. You will love them as well as the experience you gain.

Jeanetta Sturgeon

Okay, let’s see…Finally a solution! I have struggled for two years (since I bought Phoenix,now 9 years old) to get something to help his slight hoof problem..He has a low, thin sole on his left front and the heel just won’t grow. My shoer in Oklahoma would put pads on; sometimes that would work but with the continual wet conditions, that wasn’t ideal. I started using another nail-on synthetic shoe with good results, IF they were applied right. Still, Phoenix would get sole pressure or some thing else and would be lame half the time.

I moved to western Colorado, needed a shoer, scared to try just anyone, so went to an endurance ride three hours away, just to try to find a shoer. Parked by one of the best by accident! Christoph sells Equiflex shoes and fixed my horse right up! Phoenix’s hooves look great and he moves like a new horse. The following weekend, we went to the Shamrock Endurance ride, rode 55 miles Friday, placed 2nd at 5:03 and 50 Saturday placing 6th at 5:24. Phoenix ran like the wind, felt great and never took a lame step!

I always knew I had a great horse, if I could just find the right shoe for him. I look forward to the next ride (always) with confidence that he will keep moving out with no more fear of being pulled for lameness.

Thanks Christoph for the Equiflex solution!

Oklahoma and Colorado

Christoph Schork – Global Endurance Training Center

At the Global Endurance Training Center in Moab, Utah, we expect only the best performance from our horses. GETC’s endurance training & racing regimen is demanding which requires not only great conditioning, but also superb nutrition and supplements.  Because we expect the highest performance level from GETC endurance horses during the top competition events, only the best and proven supplements are good enough.

The Global Endurance Training Center takes un-trained horses up to national and international level races in 50 mile, 100 mile and multiday 50 mile events,  were the horse travels 50 miles per day for up to 5 consecutive days. These strenuous races require a top notch nutrition program with the highest quality supplements available. That is why GETC relies on FASTRAK products from the Conklin Company. Conklin’s Probiotic Pak helps maintain gastrointestinal health and hydrolyzes proteins better. The Fortifier is a valuable source of herbs, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. These great supplements give GETC horses the necessary edge to place in the top. With FASTRAK we are getting results!

Thank you, FASTRAK, for keeping our horses running in the front.