Specialized Saddle Options

“A” options come at no extra cost.

“B” options are available at an extra cost.

Please contact us by phone at 435-719-4033 to place a saddle order and to discuss saddle options.

Color (B01) and  Tooling (B06) Options

Specialized Saddles - Color Options

Standard saddle color is Chestnut (no extra cost)

Seat Options

A04 – Cutout Option

Specialized Saddles - Seat Options - Cutout


this option  lets you easily  inspect fit along top of back, and is comfortable for both men and women for long distance riding. By eliminating some rise in front of crotch area, friction is reduced, and comfort enhanced.

A05 – Trail Seat Option – Western

Specialized Saddles - Seat Options - Trail

Trail seat option, shown here on a western saddle

This reining saddle is designed for the  maximum seat holding style buildup needed for sliding stops in reining.

A05 – Trail Seat Option – International

Specialized Saddles - Seat Options - Trail International

Trail seat option, shown on an International saddle

Slightly more front rise creating a “deeper” seat.

A05 – Standard Seat Option – International Saddle

Specialized Saddles - Seat Options - Standard

Standard Seat option on International saddle

Recommended for active posting, such as endurance, slightly flatter than trail seat with room to move.

A08 – Cantle Options

Specialized Saddles - Cantle Options - Cheyenne Roll

Cheyenne Roll Cantle, shown with southwest edge tooling

Specialized Saddles - Cantle Options - Pencil Roll

Pencil Roll Cantle, shown on the International Saddle

A09 – Horn Options

Specialized Saddles - Horn Options - 2 inch Equitation

2" Equitation Horn

Specialized Saddles - Horn Options - 4 inch Cutter Barrel

4 inch Cutter Barrel Horn

Specialized Saddles - Horn Options - 3 inch Dalley

3" Dalley Horn

A10 – Pommel Options

Specialized Saddles - Pommel Options - Western Fork Mahogany

Pommel option on western, a fork, shown in Mahogany color.

Specialized Saddles - Pommel Options - Classic Western

Classic Western Pommel

Specialized Saddles - Pommel Options - Standard Endurance

Standard Endurance Pommel

Specialized Saddles - Pommel Options - Reinforced

Hand Made Reinforced Pommmel provides extra clearance for high withered horses. (Add-on option for Trailmasters, Internationals and Euro Lights - cost: $100).

A11 – Riggings Options

Specialized Saddles - Rigging Options - 2 Position D-Ring

2 Position D-Ring (Western Saddle Option)

Specialized Saddles - Rigging Options - Reinforced D-Ring

Western Rigging with reinforced rear D Ring. (Western Saddle Option)

Specialized Saddles - Rigging Options - Drop D Rigging

Drop D Rigging (Western Saddle Option)

Specialized Saddles - Rigging Options - English Rigging

English Rigging (Western & Trailmaster Saddle Option)

B03 – Bucking Roll

Specialized Saddles - Horn Options - Bucking Roll

Bucking Roll

Stirrups, Cinches & Conchos

B02 – Stirrups

Specialized Saddle Options - Stirrups


Shown from left shiny endurance (S style), or black endurance,optional leather coverings on endurance stirrups (add 40) engraved aluminum western stirrups add $40.

B04 – Cinches

Specialized Saddles Options - Mohair Clinches

Mohair Clinches

B05 – Conchos

Specialized Saddles Options - Conchos


Optional star, barbed wire conchos and standard floral conchos available on western saddles.

B11 – Saddle Pads

Specialized Saddles - Saddle Pad Options - Perfect Pads

Perfect Saddle Pads

Perfect Pads Cool Grip Lining

Cool Grip Lining

Perfect pads are sculptured to fit the shape of horses back and are thin enough to not distort fit. They feature cool grip neoprene lining (shown below) which is non slip while having air cavities to keep back cool and ventilated. They fit both International and Trailmaster models. Available in red, black,white, navy blue and hunter green.

Eurolight Leather Water Bottle Holder

Specialized Saddles - Options - EuroLight Water Bottle Holder

EuroLight Water Bottle Holder