Freeform Treeless Saddles

Freeform Treeless Saddles

Rogue Western

The Freeform Rogue Western Trail treeless saddle, made in Italy, is the perfect saddle for that long trail ride and…

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$ 2188.00


The Freeform EnduroX model is a general purpose style of saddle most suitable for endurance, trail, and schooling. The new…

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$ 1985.00

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Freeform treeless saddles are an excellent example of saddling in the 21st Century. Produced in Italy by Le Selle Italiane, a small family run company, the saddles are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship Italy has to offer. Le Selle Italiane is the first saddler to utilize the very modern process of foam injection moulding technology to produce a complete saddle, not just small parts of it - a true revolution in the world of saddle making. This not only gives Freeform Saddles their quality and feel, but the moulding process ensures symmetry at the core of the saddle and allows the saddles to follow the contours of the horse without relying on the forced shape of a rigid saddle tree.

Their unique structure gives all Freeform saddles a distinct benefit for many horses and riders. The breathable foam core makes the saddles very lightweight at around 7 pounds. The flexibility of these saddles allow the horse complete unrestricted freedom of movement, encouraging them to move as nature intended, while providing a close-contact feel for the rider.

This gives both horse and rider a much more comfortable riding experience. Although fully flexible, the saddles have an excellent weight distribution ability making them the ideal compromise between a bareback pad and a treed saddle.

The incorporation of "flexi-front" technology into the front of the seat aids in wither clearance and adjusts automatically with both the movement and shape of the horse.