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Western Sportpack

Western SportpackSold out

This Sportpack has 1 insulated bottle holder on each side, along with a roomy zippered center pouch that reaches all the way around the cantle, end to end. Roomy, very convenient and secure. Attaches with nylon adjustable straps to your cinch rings for a no bounce fit. Comes with two 20 oz. Sports flasks. Colors to match your saddle and accessories.  (SD-SPORTPACK-W)

Price: $35.00



English Sportpack

English Sportpack           Sold out

This design ensures a tight fit and No Bounce. The cantle sleeve keeps the pack weight off your horse’s back. With insulated bottle holders and a large pouch this pack is the finest pack for English Saddles. Attaches to billets.

Price: $35.00



Deluxe Western Sportpack

Deluxe Western Sportpack Saddle Pack

This larger pack has a double-decker zippered center pouch to help organize and make items more easily accessible. Two large drawstring bags on each side are perfect for Easyboots or water bottles. Firmly attaches to cinch rings.

Price: $35.00

Only colors still available are teal, navy, brown and purple