Sensation Saddles

Harmony Element


Sensation’s newest addition to the collection of horse friendly products presents a much needed new twist on a popular favourite – A highly functional, equine approved treeless for the budget conscious rider! The Sensation Harmony provides the rider with the practical adjustability of the original Sensation Treeless saddle, but in a more simplistic, unrestrictive back-to-basics design.

The removable seat topper is available in Suede, Smooth, or 100% wool fleece. Decide exactly how much support you want, and where you want it with hook & loop receptive components which can be placed in either the front or the rear of the saddle. Knee blocks can be attached to support your leg; great if you are riding in hilly terrain! No seat sizes needed – One size fits all, you can adjust the cantle and pommel support in the comfort of your own home, to fit each member of your family.

When additional security is required, the Sensation Ride Harmony mates perfectly with all Sensation Ride Accessories, plus the lower priced Harmony line of tack (coming soon!).

As is expected from Sensation Ride products, the Sensation Harmony is designed with the horse in mind, allowing spinal relief with a contoured topline and panels to support the rider’s weight. This not only means it is comfortable for your equine friend, but also that it will perform with stability for the rider – no twisting or sliding!

5 rings will give you plenty of opportunity to turn your ride into an all day affair – bring your coat and packs! Regular breastplates and cruppers may be used if desired. Flaps are covered with quality North American suede or leather, to provide you with years of close contact riding pleasure.The Sensation Harmony is the perfect compromise between the ultimate closeness of riding bareback, and the protective structure of a saddle. Give your horse’s back relief and improve your confidence in riding bareback with the world’s most practical bareback pad.

The “Harmony” Treeless comes standard in Suede leather, with medium knee blocks, cantle bolster, pommel bolster, and endurance stirrup leathers.

No Cost options:

All Purpose or Dressage Flap
100% wool fleece or Suede Seat
G4 Rigging, G3 Rigging, or Western Rigging
G4 Endurance leather billet or G3 Endurance leather buckles (with western rigging)

Upgrades Available:

Leather Seat/Knee/Thigh – $40
Leather Flap – $40
Added Rings – $10 per ring