Sensation Saddles

G4 Westlish Rebel

The Sensation Westlish Rebel is the newest model in the Sensation line, and is actually a clever combination of two popular models. The name comes from Dana’s daughter, Samantha, who coined the term “westlish” to describe her riding style: a little bit english, and a little bit western!

We often have riders who love the Hybrid, but really miss the feeling of those “wrap around” fenders against the leg, rather than a more english style stirrup leather. The Westlish Rebel is a daring combination of the best of both worlds – the Hybrid base with the Seat and fenders of the Sensation Western!

The Westlish comes standard with G4 Rigging, but can be customized to accept G3 rigging.

9 Rings allow you to attach just about anything to your Rebel, but like our other models, you can certainly add more if desired! Seat sizes are available from 14.5″ through to 16.5″.

If you normally ride a western 15″, you should go one size bigger and order a 16″ Westlish Rebel.