Sensation Saddles

G3 English Trail


The English trail model Sensation was the original model Sensation Ride. The concept behind the design is to provide the rider with a seat which is easy to rise from and adaptable to a short or long leg without obviously leaning to a specific riding style.

The seat shape provides the rider with support on the upper thigh – similar to what an Australian saddle would offer, but not to the same degree. The knee roll is average with a moveable knee block attached under the knee roll.

Rings located at the rear and sides of the seats create attachment areas for cantle packs or water bottle holders for convenience on the trail. Front rings are for attaching a breastplate and carry handle.

This model is best suited to riders who have a long hip to knee length, like a longer seat or would like to do some jumping.

Available in various choices of smooth to grippy leathers – check with your dealer for the latest offerings. Hardware choices are Stainless steel or solid brass.

Standard size on this model would feel like a 15.5” Western seat or 17.5” English.


The following additions may be requested at additional charge to customize this saddle.

  • Mega knee blocks – For a greater degree of knee support
  • Additional rings – Added to front or rear of saddle flap
  • Seat bolster (pommel) – Added to the seat to create a more distinct rise to the front of the seat
  • Seat bolster (cantle) – Added to the seat to create a smaller size seat or tighter fit.
  • Extra long seat – For riders who like more room to move in the seat.
  • Extra long leg – Best for riders over 5’9”
  • Additional seat – Available on all models. Specify color and texture of leather.