Miscellaneous Equine Accessories

Cold Flex Equine Pad

Price: $39.95

Picture this: It’s been a long ride. You pull the saddle and discover that your horse’s back is super hot and a bit touchy.

Finally there’s an effective tool to help cool your horse’s back that doesn’t require refrigeration and is reusable. Measuring 24″x36″, the ColdFlex Equine Pad fits perfectly in the saddle area. Pull your tack, take the ColdFlex Equine Pad out of its pouch and place it on the back. It will instantly begin to pull the heat out of your horse’s hard working back.

Since the ColdFlex Equine Pad is water based (versus alcohol based), it’s gentle and won’t irritate the skin the way alcohol would.
To “re-charge” the Equine Pad just add a bit of water. The ColdFlex Equine Pad: Simple. Effective. Economical. How cool is that!