Leg Care

Cold Flex Bandage

ColdFlex is an innovative self-cooling compression bandage. The 3″x72″ bandage cools by evaporation and does not require refrigeration!

ColdFlex uses an exclusive formulation of gelled water embedded into an elastic foam material that supports and compresses while providing deep, penetrating cold therapy. The wrap will adhere to itself or can be secured with a bit of VetRap.

ColdFlex is the superior choice for worry free cold therapy. If ice is used incorrectly, it can cause serious, permanent damage. ColdFlex is the easy-to-use alternative to ice.

ColdFlex effectively reduces swelling by actively removing heat and reducing internal temperatures within the treated area. Plus it’s reusable! You can use it for 25 or more 20-minute sessions.

Tested by the military; used by hospitals; and endorsed by horse owners, ColdFlex gives you efficient cooling at a cost effective price.

Price: $22.00